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Hong Kong, U.S. Students At Odds

Funny story: Hong Kong, U.S. Students At Odds

The hundreds of thousands of demonstrators against the Chinese refusal to allow free presidential elections in Hong Kong have evoked a negative response among U.S. students. Although most of the Hong Cong protestors are students and have much in com...

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France Mourns Day Of Civility

A day has passed in Paris without a single demonstration, leaving locals and commuters in a state of disbelief. No one has witnessed Paris so deserted since the day French citizens were called to defend their capital all the way back in 1940. A G...

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Vince Cable Warns Against General Strike

Funny story: Vince Cable Warns Against General Strike

The Coalition government's Business secretary Vince Cable was given a hostile reception at the GMB annual conference in Brighton when he suggested that new legislation might be introduced if there was a wave of general strikes this year. Cable def...

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Egypt Style Rally Grows In Spain

Funny story: Egypt Style Rally Grows In Spain

Over 2,000 Spanish youths staged an overnight protest in Madrid against high unemployment. A number of political commentators have compared the nature of the protest to that of the pro-democracy rallies that galvanised Egypt. Certainly, many o...

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Huge Demo in London

Estimates of the number of demonstrators in London vary but it is clear that huge support exists for the Cuts Campaign. Police estimate that 100 people had turned up to support the Cuts, but other observers considered that the number was nearer 50.

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Libyan Jets over London

Funny story: Libyan Jets over London

Libyan jets were seen over London today to protect British citizens who were taking part in a demonstration and were being attacked by police. A spokesman for Col. Gadaffi said, "The UN allows us to intervene to protect British citizens from being...

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Police's "Cunning Plan" For Student Protests

Funny story: Police's "Cunning Plan" For Student Protests

Papers obtained under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that the Metropolitan Police believed it had a "cunning plan" to deal with the student protests over tuition fees last year. The unnamed author of the documents advised that, if th...

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Gaddafi Junior in Denial?

Funny story: Gaddafi Junior in Denial?

Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi's son Saif has made a statement on behalf of his father's embattled regime in which he denies that there any problems remaining in his country. In an impasssioned display of oratory, Gadaffi junior tried to put a posi...

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Bahrain Update

Funny story: Bahrain Update

The U.S. Government has urged the authorities in Bahrain to show restraint when dealing with protesters during the current period of unrest, and also to start the process of meaningful reform. A number of demonstrators were killed or injured in th...

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Italy Declares Emergency

Funny story: Italy Declares Emergency

Italy has declared a humanitarian emergency after nearly 3,000,000 women took to the streets of all main Italian cities to protest against the country's Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. Women's groups urged all females who found Berlusconi's sex...

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Stoned in Cairo

Funny story: Stoned in Cairo

Many people got stoned in Cairo, Wednesday - but the vast majority of them weren't smoking drugs! They were getting stoned, with real stones and lumps of concrete in the traditional sense, as pro and anti-Mubarak supporters clashed in the vicinity of...

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Belgium - Mass demonstration against government that doesn't exist

Belgium is facing mounting social unrest as a result of its continuing political crisis. 7 months since the country last voted, political parties are still unable to form a government and are currently considering a proposal about what might be the b...

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Treasury baulk at 'Rent-a-Mob' costs

Funny story: Treasury baulk at 'Rent-a-Mob' costs

The treasury today told David Cameron, according to inside sources, that they could no longer fund the 'Rent-a-mobs' that the government hire to create violence at peaceful demonstrations to undermine the protesters' causes. This follows three lar...

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London's Burning

Funny story: London's Burning

In the words of the late and much lamented Joe Strummer, of The Clash: London's burning. Violence flared around Parliament Square as students protesting against increases in tuition fees were met by police officers, who elected to respond by hitti...

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Man charged over Topshop protest in Brighton

Funny story: Man charged over Topshop protest in Brighton

One man has been charged by police after a protest at Brighton's Topshop's store. Sussex Police arrested 21 people over the demonstration on Saturday. One man has been cautioned and 18 other people have been released on bail. The protest was on...

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Thousands March Against Animal Testing

Funny story: Thousands March Against Animal Testing

Thousands of protesters descended on London today to oppose the Government plans to test animals. Following fears that the country is becoming overcrowded the government decided to impose strict tests on animals. Horses will now be asked their tim...

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Mad Anglo Involved In Paris Protest March

Funny story: Mad Anglo Involved In Paris Protest March

Following the French blockade of channel ports in protest over something or other, reports are coming to light that an English based writer for a popular spoof website which can't be named here for legal reasons, joined in a protest march in Paris so...

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Barack Obama's Heritage Ignites Demonstrations In D.C.

Funny story: Barack Obama's Heritage Ignites Demonstrations In D.C.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - A group calling itself "The Grays" rallied today in Washington, D.C. Calling for "an immediate end to the deception that has marginalized us for years," thousands of half black - half white people from around the country marched...

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