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Funny story: Bionic Woman

Bionic Woman

The Bionic Woman was created out of spare, mostly human, somewhat female body parts as a companion for Colonel Steve Austin, a lonely former astronaut-become-cyborg, after she dove headfirst into a cow patty from a height of 12,000 feet in an attempt to decorate a clover patch with her remains. Before her tragic accident, she had been a tennis player known for her wicked backhand. Rebuilt by Dr...
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Funny story: Comic Books: Literacy for the Illiterate

Comic Books: Literacy for the Illiterate

A comic book is a magazine, rarely a book, printed on cheap newsprint or toilet tissue, which is rarely funny, or "comic," so it should be renamed, but those in the industry are lazy, preferring to draw poorly executed pictures that illustrate barely literate narratives (stories) in bold and fancy fonts. Due to the imbecilic level of their "reader's" intelligence and literacy, these magazines a...
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Funny story: Bush II Library re-ignites long running argument.

Bush II Library re-ignites long running argument.

DALLAS TX- The grand opening of the George W. Bush presidential library on May 1st has sparked a great deal of controversy. The opening has re-ignighted one of the great debates of our time. Who's superheroes are more badass? While the Supreme Cou...
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Funny story: Overly-complex human history retconned

Overly-complex human history retconned

Washington, D.C.--A group of the world's leading historians gathered in Washington today to announce that the excessively-burdened and contradictory narrative of human history was to be retconned immediately "in order to make grasping human history e...
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Funny story: Comics That Got Away

Comics That Got Away

The Predictable Hulk. Bruce Banner: "Don't make me angry, Mr Kelly, you... Kelly: "Yeah... I know...I wouldn't like you when you're angry. Jeez - Do you ever give it a rest?" *** The Flasher Barry Allen and Iris West (who is unaware of Barry's secret alter ego, The Flash) have been to the movies and are walking home... "... Oh Barry! Not again! Do put it away, please!" ***...
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Funny story: Obama dispatches Police Commissioner Gordon to bail out Scotland Yard

Obama dispatches Police Commissioner Gordon to bail out Scotland Yard

Gotham City -- Help is on the way to rescue London's beleaguered Metropolitan Police from a combination of catastrophes involving rioting, looting, burning, and phone hacking. US President Barack Obama has assigned America's most popular law enfo...
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Funny story: Superman's Pants Come Off!

Superman's Pants Come Off!

For years the Man of Steel has saved the world while wearing red trollies over a pair of blue tights. But from September, Superman will be seen in a more manly pair of turned-up jeans and rugged boots - though the cape and "S" shirt will remain.
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Funny story: Dennis The Menace is 60

Dennis The Menace is 60

One of the most famous comic characters in the U.K. has ras celebrated his 60th birthday. Dennis The Menace, the troublemaker that has graced the pages of the Beano since 1951, reached the grand old age this year. To celebrate the achievement,...
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