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UKIP to demand we add eleven days to the calendar

Funny story: UKIP to demand we add eleven days to the calendar

After successfully getting the British to vote themselves into more austerity by leaving the European Union, UKIP leader (insert the name used this week here) has said that their party is still relevant, that they will now fight to remove all traces...

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The New Party

Big Nige Farage is coming back! Not that he ever really went away because every time you hear a foreign accent in the street and think "why are you still here I voted Brexit" that's the little Farage in you. After the blistering the success of UK...

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May vs Corbyn: Election Fashion

Fashion on the long winding election road seems to be deadly important. It matters little to none if a politician is able to deal effectively with the EU or our upcoming Brexit begging but it does matter to the wider public what type of shoes their w...

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UKIP To Attack Seat

UKIP's new Battle Toad Paul Nuttall will stand in the Stoke on Trent By Election later this month. Mr Nuttall won leadership of the UKIP party after taking the heads of the nine other candidates in a Thunderdome challenge. Mr Nuttall, who looks l...

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UKIP politician denies punching colleague

Funny story: UKIP politician denies punching colleague

The UKIP MEP involved in an altercation with Steven Woolfe has said he "categorically did not" throw a punch at his colleague as if had,"he would have knocked him out!" Mike Hookem acknowledged he and his colleague had a "scuffle" in the European...

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Farage Fallout Triggers UKIP Upheaval

Funny story: Farage Fallout Triggers UKIP Upheaval

Mere days after cleaving the country in two via the "Brexit" vote political super villain Nigel Farage has stepped down from his position as UKIP leader. In an emotional statement that had to be halted at several points as squadrons of Spitfires...

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UKIP Unveil Proposals To Solve Migrant Crisis

Funny story: UKIP Unveil Proposals To Solve Migrant Crisis

With thousands of desperate migrants attempting to enter the UK through the channel tunnel, UKIP have come up with a number of ideas designed to make the problem go away. In a press conference this morning, UKIP's immigration spokesman, Ozzy Mosle...

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UKIP! The Musical Is Coming to Theatres Near You

UKIP has decided to forego its political ambitions in favour of becoming an all-singing, all-dancing musical theatre troupe. The party's leader Nigel Farage is believed to be pursuing the extreme change of directions in the hopes of achieving a le...

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Immigrant arrested for stealing job.

A 30 year old Polish man has been arrested for coming over to Britain and stealing a 37 year old British man's job. The Polish man, who is yet to be named, had been in the role of stacking shelves in a warehouse for approximately eight years befor...

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2015 Election SHOCK result!

Funny story: 2015 Election SHOCK result!

I've just come back in my time machine from 8th with the election result: After a hung parliament Labour bashed out a deal with UKIP. With this new government UKIP will claim victory with Britain's independence from the European Union's 'tyranny'...

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Further to Mike Read Article: Nonsense Jokes About Nonsense UKIP

Regarding my recent article on TheSpoof I have not seen any proof that Mike Read is a fascist or fascist sympathiser. And he does appear to have shown regret for the original UKIP Calypso; which is more than can be said for some. Yet, I felt that doing a send-off (WHOOPS!) of the w...

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UKIP's Tarquin Proclaimeth, Albion Fall Silent!

Once, Tarquin Binnett warned us about the damage idle female bishops are doing to all our bathrooms, summoning divine flood-vengeance upon our Englishmen's castles, and leaving the floors wet and untidy. But what about the terrible gay warming crisis? You know, there is...

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Science Fiction Versus Political Fiction

Warning: Chance Discovery of Future Now Securely Archived Past, present and future are ever-present, as the tinpot Eliots among us will no doubt affirm. The future is documented already, but little more can be said for it than this. Still, there is at least one "consolation of misosophy." To wit: The prying pleb hands of prying plebs (who arrogantly demand "freeloader user status"...

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UKIP First: Naughty Nigel Tired, Gets Words Mixed Up

UKIP's Naughty Nigel has made a few blunders in a recent notable humanitarian agitprop outlet. Now, I do warn you that I'm a little tired today; or indeed, fatigué, cansado, distrutto... See, I said it in French and some other languages that foreigners speak, so TECHNICALLY, I'm not being racist. Indeed, if anything, I'm being rather less racist than, say, the GENUINE BIGOT Tommy Robins...

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Jim Davidson - UKIP's public affairs guru sacked by Nigel Farage

Funny story: Jim Davidson - UKIP's public affairs guru sacked by Nigel Farage

Tim Wilson has resigned from UKIP just after leader Nigel Farage defended MEP David Coburn stand-up comedy routine describing a Muslim minister in the Scottish Government to convicted terrorist Abu Hamza. The racist jibe written for Mr Coburn by Jim...

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Francis Urquhart Disdains to Join UKIP

The sinister, Machiavellian Francis Urquhart, from the original UK version of "House of Cards," has disappointed all 101 UKIP supporters, by declining to join Naughty Nigel's hipster politico rhetorical hobby club. Our Frankie sneers: I may have ruined the life and career of a perfectly principled and honorable politician; I may have connived my way into establishing an 11 year reign of ter...

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If Britain left the EU, who would clean Seaside Cafe floors?

If UKIP had it's way, Britain would leave the EU. But this would then mean service industries would have to then employ only Brits. Given that many Brits don't seem to want to do the 'menial' jobs which many immigrant workers do, with goodwill and...

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Paint attack on UKIP member's Office may simply show lack of Talent

An attack on the window of a UKIP Member's High Street Office may just indicate lack of artistic imagination. The paint assault resulted in the office window being covered with a large splatter, covering most of the pane. However, the lack of a...

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