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Funny story:  Women Don't Understand Man's Preoccupation With Sex

Women Don't Understand Man's Preoccupation With Sex

Dr. Larry Fudd says that most women do not understand why men are so fascinated with their body parts. "It's amazing to me that we aren't worse than we already are", he told Doctors Magazine. "I don't agree with that flog Freud...that Fraud Floyd.
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Funny story:  Switching to Axe Products Does Not Ensure  Casual Sex

Switching to Axe Products Does Not Ensure Casual Sex

Based on the experiences reported by most of the men interviewed, using Axe brand personal products did not have the effect of them bettering their sex life. The findings are based on anecdotal information from a series of random interviews of men e...
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Funny story:  10 Things Men Can Do Better Than Women

10 Things Men Can Do Better Than Women

1. grow beards and mustaches, chest and back hair 2. snore so loudly it can be heard two doors down 3. hunt and fish in the summer, winter, spring, and fall 4. play 18 holes of golf at the same golf course for 30+ years 5. break wind so loud it can be heard two doors down 6. change flat tires, oil, spark plugs, fuel filter, transmission fluid... 7. belch so loud it can be...
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Funny story:  10 Things Women Can Do Better Than Men

10 Things Women Can Do Better Than Men

1. polish their toe nails while talking on the phone, eating a cheeseburger, and yelling at the kids 2. exercise at the gym without breaking a sweat 3. wear pointy, painful high heels all day 4. shop in all 500 stores at the Mall of America during one visit 5. pick out birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's, and Mother's Day gifts for themselves and everyone else 6. tr...
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Funny story:  Lesbians love to lie

Lesbians love to lie

A New Jersey waitress who received thousands of dollars in gratuities after claiming she received a provocative note in lieu of a tip has been let go by the restaurant at which she worked. Lindsay Lang DeBuono, a 22-year-old former Butch Military...
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Funny story:  Vehicle accessories

Vehicle accessories

For women, accessories relate to dress and include such items as bows, tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, pins, rings, anklets, purses, shoes, and men with thick wallets. For men, accessories relate to vehicles, and include hubcaps, rims, wheels, racing stripes, cabin-mounted rifle racks, decals, and truck balls. Although men accessorize both cars and trucks, the latter are often decorated with raci...
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Funny story:  Gay-friendly women

Gay-friendly women

Who's sexier? Sophia Loren or Heidi Klum? Jane Mansfield or Gisele Bundchen? Marilyn Monroe or Adriana Lima? The idea of what makes a woman sexy has changed since the 1950's. Whereas having large, round breasts, wide hips, and an ample derriere was once considered the epitome of feminine beauty, by contemporary standards these attributes would cause a woman to be labeled "fat" and "unattractiv...
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Funny story:  Erotic art

Erotic art

Erotic art is an excuse, in the form of sketches, paintings, sculptures, and other media, to show naked people, many of whom are depicted as engaging in "erotic" (a codeword for sexual) activities. Although some people try to distinguish between erotic art and pornography, no argument for such a distinction has ever been generally accepted, and most people agree that one person's erotic art is ano...
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Funny story:  Comic Books: Literacy for the Illiterate

Comic Books: Literacy for the Illiterate

A comic book is a magazine, rarely a book, printed on cheap newsprint or toilet tissue, which is rarely funny, or "comic," so it should be renamed, but those in the industry are lazy, preferring to draw poorly executed pictures that illustrate barely literate narratives (stories) in bold and fancy fonts. Due to the imbecilic level of their "reader's" intelligence and literacy, these magazines a...
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Funny story:  The true story of Marvel Comics' The Punisher

The true story of Marvel Comics' The Punisher

The Punisher, a sadistic sociopath, is the son--some would say, the spawn--of a love tryst between Gene Conway and his wife, John Romita. Taunted mercilessly by his bullying schoolmates because of his dubious parentage, vowed to avenge himself not only upon his tormentors, but also upon society in general. To show that, in his case, the apple, although wormy, had fallen far from the tree, he wo...
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Funny story:  Erotica: How to Know It When You See It

Erotica: How to Know It When You See It

According to some, erotica is what women, who lack the balls to refer to it by its real name, call pornography. However, they contend that erotica differs from porn in that it is ofter, warmer, fuzzier, and feels better on the lips and tongue than pornography tends to feel. Characteristics Some individuals also contend that a number of its characteristics further define erotica, distingu...
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Funny story:  Hollyweird's Hottest: Amanda Bearse

Hollyweird's Hottest: Amanda Bearse

Transsexual lesbian Amanda Bearse has been called lots of names, including "actress," "director," and "comedienne," but the first four letters of her first name, which is given only in the sense that she gave it to herself, says it all: Amanda is "a man." Transsexual lesbian? What's that? Technically, now that she has completed sex-change surgery, she is a transwoman (a man who becomes a "wo...
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Funny story:  Baphomet


"To think I kissed her (or him) there--and there--and ''there''! - Sarah Michelle Gellar Although some contend that Baphomet is a Marvel Comics super-villain, Baphomet is really the demon of parties and partygoers west of the Mississippi. As such, he (or she) is often depicted at parties in Las Vegas, Hollyweird, and various family nudist camps in Arizona and New Mexico, and some Oregonians inc...
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Funny story:  Jodi Arias Needs a Man

Jodi Arias Needs a Man

Minutes after Arizona police interrogators told Jodi Arias that she would do life in prison and she would never see a naked man as long as she lives, Arias became psychotic. A July 15, 2008, video catches her sobbing that she was never going to h...
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Funny story:  Study Reveals "Conversate" Is Not A Word

Study Reveals "Conversate" Is Not A Word

ATLANTA, GA- After a long, six month research period it was discovered that conversate is not a word. This study comes from 40 year old, Geoffrey Bentine, who while in a conversation with a friend said, "Can we conversate later?" In turn his frie...
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Funny story:  Indian Man Sitting On A Toilet Causes Riots

Indian Man Sitting On A Toilet Causes Riots

Parts of New Delhi, India had to be closed off today after violent confrontations with authorities erupted after an Indian man was chased away from a public toilet he was sitting on. India's armed forces canceled New Year's Eve parties on Monday,...
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Funny story:  My life as a man #33

My life as a man #33

The end of men is near Listen up, men: the last US election proved very clearly that women aren't going to put up with any more bullshit from men. Not only are there more women than men voting nowadays; but more women are voting for what they want than for what we men want them to want. I know I had a point to make, and that I have muddled it up, but you guys know what I mean already, w...
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Funny story:  The 'Understand Women App' For Men

The 'Understand Women App' For Men

Men, do you have no idea what women are saying to you? Not a substantive clue what they really mean or feel? Well try Russ's new "Hologram White Caption Bubble" App for your smart phone. When your lady is speaking in that unintelligible language of h...
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