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Funny story:  Up The Buses! - Part 13B.

Up The Buses! - Part 13B.

You have been away, what's your problem, where have you been? Continued from Up The Buses! - Part 13A Up The Buses! - Part 13A." ACT 2, Scene 6 Camera 4 pans close up to Blakeys face, beads of sweat can be seen on his reddened face. Blakeys eyes are on stalks, frothing foaming from his mouth and gasping for air all at the same time. BLAKEY: "I have never seen anything like tha...
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Funny story:  Lard Futures Market - Prices Skyrocket

Lard Futures Market - Prices Skyrocket

The FTSE index shot up yesterday by 0.00023 points as a stable lard futures market brought much needed relief to The City. It's thought that a return to a more frugal lifestyle by consumers across the globe as the recession double-dips will inspir...
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Funny story:  Sexy Starlets Turn to Lard

Sexy Starlets Turn to Lard

Hollywood - Lard injections and lard implants are the latest plastic surgery procedures to become popular in the city of the forever young. "Lard has unfairly been neglected as a natural beauty agent" says leading plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Nicho...
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True Facts From Snoops #1335

Snoops: The average number of toothpicks people swallow in their lifetime? Three. Mostly from laughing after dinner.

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