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Funny story: Everything You Thought You Already Knew About Life

Everything You Thought You Already Knew About Life

Life- An annoying thing that happens when you wake up in the morning. Life- The commitment you don't remember having agreed to. Life- 16 hours you have to live through before you can go back to bed again. Life- A pain in the ass that doesn't limit itself to just that area. Life- A journey on a sea of unknown depths. Life- Two third of a day that it takes one third of a night to reco...
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Funny story: Giant Luffa Still Terrorizing Nation's Dreams

Giant Luffa Still Terrorizing Nation's Dreams

"Just do it, Johnny," cringed out the stuffed and mangled school teacher to her student after being absorbed and becoming one with the giant luffa raining havoc across the American landscape. "Bullet to the brain. Quick and easy. Give it to me no-,"...
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Funny story: Eric Cantor: "Godzilla Scares Me"

Eric Cantor: "Godzilla Scares Me"

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told Hollywood Beat Magazine that he is indeed scared of Godzilla. "He really frightens me" a subdued Cantor told reporter Holly Sue Robbins "After I saw Godzilla VS. Space Godzilla, I have nightmares". Cant...
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Funny story: Johnny Depp: I Hope I'm Not Possessed!

Johnny Depp: I Hope I'm Not Possessed!

Actor Johnny Depp who has had so much fun doing the Pirates movies and others says that ever since he played Edward Scissorhand, he has felt odd. "I usually do well during the day but at night, it's different...and even sometimes in the day." D...
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Funny story: Area Man Proves Doubters, Critics Right

Area Man Proves Doubters, Critics Right

NEW YORK, NY--When Jerry Elmswick dropped out of college in 1996 to start his own travel agency, he faced a rapid barrage of criticism and disapproval from his friends and family. 17 years later, Elmswick can finally stand up and tell all of his doub...
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Funny story: Rhode Island Woman Files for Divorce from Reality, Pleading Domestic Violence

Rhode Island Woman Files for Divorce from Reality, Pleading Domestic Violence

The scourge of domestic violence is not limited to traditional male-female or other intimate human relationships; it may occur between a person and reality itself - at least that's what 28-year-old Newport, Rhode Island resident Regina Bartwell belie...
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Funny story: Bruce Springsteen Gave Me A Guitar.

Bruce Springsteen Gave Me A Guitar.

So it dawns on me that, of course, the guitar must have been from Bruce. Springsteen. I'm not sure how I know… but I remember as we - I can't discern who's with me - approach the gig. It's like a large village hall with a balcony - or one of those non-conformist churches, but I can see no religious stuff. Anyway, we take seats on the floor to one side, under the balcony, thinking we won...
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Funny story: Wake up, America. It's all just a bad dream.

Wake up, America. It's all just a bad dream.

New York City - The nation is sleeping through the wrong American Dream, and needs only to wake up to avoid the nightmarish problems it is facing. "If you don't think you're dreaming, examine the evidence that proves otherwise," said Kilgore Trout...
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Funny story: Pippa Middleton Loves Eurovision

Pippa Middleton Loves Eurovision

Pipppa Middletonn is a grate faun of the Eurovition, show. She aha's always loved to of watche'd it, from childhood when she, she was a child in her childhood at home in Whitby where her Dad was, away flying'g the Hull to Ostend flying bort's and now...
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Funny story: An Unlikely Dream

An Unlikely Dream

I had this dream about the Tory Conference. George Osborne alienated his core voters and the Daily Mail had apoplexy. Cameron apologised for the gigantic cock up and said sorry for the atrocious mathematics, but it was all because of the mess left by Labour. Boris tried to get the limelight and failed. Warring factions threatened to cause problems. LibDems complained they didn't know about the...
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Funny story: Man Killed By Falling Dream

Man Killed By Falling Dream

A Sussex man was killed last night after being crushed by a falling dream. Billy Nash was walking home from the Dog And Gonad public house in Littlehampton when the incident occurred at around 10 o'clock last night. "We are all in deep shock o...
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Funny story: Dream Diarist: Jonathan Ross

Dream Diarist: Jonathan Ross

Dear Dream Diarist, please could you explain my dream. I was at an ATM withdrawing twenty pounds, when I noticed that there was a lot of money stuck in the slot. I collected my twenty pounds and this extra money and put them into my wallet. As I was meeting my friend Damien (I don't know anybody called Damien, I do know a Damian, if that helps), I popped into the café where were meeting, and as...
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Funny story: Wet Dreams - Do You Remember Them?

Wet Dreams - Do You Remember Them?

We all look back on our youth through rose-tinted spectacles, remembering our naive wide-eyed innocence and conveniently forgetting how we bullied other youths; weaker, uglier and less popular youths - often demanding money and cutting their faces with a scalpel if they didn't reciprocate, or a few days spent in the 'hot-box of hell' to give them time to think about it. They always paid up. Yes...
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Funny story: Man worried by dream

Man worried by dream

A Colchester man has issued complaints of a bad dream. The man - who refused to be named - said he could not remember the details but he awoke with a very strange feeling. He added at one point he was filling out forms. He is now demanding a...
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Funny story: Lucy Bronze Appears To Monkey Woods In A Dream

Lucy Bronze Appears To Monkey Woods In A Dream

She was the Woman of the Match yesterday for Sunderland Womens Football Club in their 2-1 FA Cup final defeat to Arsenal ladies, but Lucy Bronze put on an even more stunning performance last night, when appearing to Spoof writer Monkey Woods in a dre...
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Funny story: Obama 'Troubled' By Mother Teresa Dream

Obama 'Troubled' By Mother Teresa Dream

In an interview with Larry King, President Elect Barack Obama revealed that he had been visited by Mother Teresa in a dream and that he was 'troubled' by it. In a candid interview with the braced and bespectacled talk show host Obama confessed tha...
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Funny story: Win $10,000,000 at

Win $10,000,000 at - What would you do with $10,000,000? Would your dreams come true? Here at we have a check made out in the sum of TEN MILLION DOLLARS. The only thing missing is YOUR NAME! To have your name written on it all you have to do is correctly answer one simple question.
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Funny story: Dreaming of Dean Martin

Dreaming of Dean Martin

I don't normally talk about dreaming about men. Except he-men like Tony the butcher or Strangler Lewis. If I ever dream about them, I'll post it, then run, far away, hide, and look and see if anyone is calling me a fairy. And I know that most people don't like to hear about others dreams. They're too boring, and blah blah. But this one will excite you!...
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