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New Zealand silently invades Australia

Funny story: New Zealand silently invades Australia

After years of planting double agent sleepers in the Australian government, the plans to invade appear to have succeeded. With now 69 parliamentarians and senators being exposed has having dual Australian and New Zealand citizenship, they are maki...

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Australia to introduce Gay Apartheid

Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, has announced that the Australian government plans to introduce a Gay Apartheid policy at Christmas. A senior minister in the ruling Liberal-Nazis-And-Trickle-Down-Christian-Pedophiles-And-Wife-B...

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Australians asked to vote on what century it is

The Australian government will issue a postal plebiscite (kind of a questionnaire for plebs) to ask Australians to vote on what the date is. Dogged by claims of being out of touch, Prime Minister Malarkey Bullshite indicated in federal parliament...

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The Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Musical Chairs has mutated

Funny story: The Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Musical Chairs has mutated

After the much publicised Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Pri-Minister musical chairs some years ago it seems the Liberal Party, not to be outdone are now orchestrating their own Abbott/Turnbull/Abbott thing. Many who watch Australian news were completely confu...

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Malcolm Bullshite elected President of Australia

Tanks surround Parliament House in Canberra tonight after a bloody coup d'etat which saw hapless ex-President Tony Abcess dragged from the Chamber and summarily shot outside the fish and chip shop in the main street of the capital. He died with a dee...

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Australian Opposition Leader "A Pussycat"

Funny story: Australian Opposition Leader "A Pussycat"

The wife of Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott has come out in defence of her husband who was labelled a misogynist by Prime Minister Julia Gillard in a forthright speech on Thursday. Kylie Abbott said that she was "spitting blood" after hea...

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Prince Philip's CHOGM gaffes

Well known for sticking his size 12 boot where it doesn't belong, Prince Philip has enjoyed a long and illustrious history of inappropriate public statements and generally bad attitude. At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) this week he's proved he's not losing his low brain cell and emotional intelligence touch: To Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard about her inability t...

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Aussie politicians get 500% pay rises

Australian federal politicians have woken up to the surprise news they are going to get 500% pay rises.Speaking in Canberra, Prime Minister with the world's worst Aussie accent, Julia Gillard made this speech. G'day all 'n' sundry. This has come as a compleeeete shock to us all. The Indeeeependent Pay Tribunal, chaired by me brother-in-law Josh Bigballs, has decided all us polies need a bit of...

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Julia Gillard patents her nod (nod, nod, nod)

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has lodged a patent on her nod with the Australian Patents Office. Well known for her compulsive nodding, even when saying "No", Ms Gillard decided her nodding action can be commercialised. "There's a huge m...

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Aussies trying to export their asylum seekers

The Australian Federal Government is asking everyone to pretend it's going to be OK to send asylum seekers who land illegally in Australia to Malaysia for processing. Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said today: "Look, we know everyone...

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Australia to mandate conformity

Funny story: Australia to mandate conformity

After years of government advertising showing the risks of excess drinking and smoking, Australians are now being told to live it up, get drunk and get laid. On the morning TV show, prime minister Julia Gillard encouraged Australians both young and o...

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Australian Politician in the S#*t

The leader of the conservative Liberal Party opposition in Australia's Federal Parliament has been embarrassed by a slip of the tongue during a visit to Afghanistan in which TV cameras caught him in discussion with the American commander of the alli...

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A Taxpayer - funded Gay Time costs N.S.W. Transport Minister his job

Transport Minister and former Police Minister David Campbell has resigned as Transport Minister in N.S.W. after he was caught using his taxpayer-funded car to visit a gay men's sex venue in Sydney's eastern suburbs. Now the very straight, on the o...

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Introducing Gough Whitlam, The Australian Obama

Funny story: Introducing Gough Whitlam, The Australian Obama

President Obama would do well to try to emulate the successes that former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam had in his first 100 days of office back in 1972. He ended the draft and removed Australian troops from the unpopular war in Vietnam. He gave equal pay to women and established a free national health plan. He doubled spending on education, raised wages, pensions and unemplo...

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