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"Going, Going...pong!!" - The ConDem coalition government doomed for 2015

Funny story: "Going, Going...pong!!" - The ConDem coalition government doomed for 2015

With his popularity going down faster than a man with erectile dysfunction part-time Prime Minister, Do-nothing-Dave and his ever desperate Coalition Government, are destined for the dustbin of history come the next general election on May 7th 2015!...

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My Role In The Secret Service

Funny story: My Role In The Secret Service

I am due to sit in a chamber in the House of Commons listening to the secrets of the State. Among the groans and whimpers will come sounds that, when they are put through a cypher can reveal the truth. This particular chamber is renowned for pu...

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............It's a steal cobber!

Funny story: ............It's a steal cobber!

With the prospect of tens of thousands more free loading immigrants heading to the UK from both Romania and Bulgaria, part-time PM Do-nothing-Dave has been warned of potential widespread civil unrest from the indigenous Brits unless he can get rid of...

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Introducing the Hoscars

Funny story: Introducing the Hoscars

LET THE HOCSARS BEGIN! What dat? Basically the House of Commons Oscars. Now that we all know that Labour and Tory are one and the same party like the Democrats-Republicans in the US, organizers of Miss World have, with the help of the Freemasons and British Petroleum instituted the HOSCARS. This is anticipated to be a full gala event that will be launched by Gerry Adams of the Irish Sinn Fein...

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UK Government to Reintroduce Window Tax

Funny story: UK Government to Reintroduce Window Tax

In a leaked document, made public by one of Britain's major newspapers earlier this week, it appears that the government, far from abolishing the so-called bedroom tax, is getting ready to reintroduce the window tax, last seen in the 18th and 19th ce...

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Queen's speech in summary

Funny story: Queen's speech in summary

Her Majesty the Queen's speech to parliament today has achieved the impossible - all members of the House who were in attendance remained awake. Her Royal Majesty opened her speech with a plea to Wrigley's, the chewing gum manufacturer, not to lay...

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Spoof Candidate for Election!

Funny story: Spoof Candidate for Election!

Spoof Candidate, Jeremiah Whoops, is standing in the next General election. 'This is no joke' he told reporters tripping him up on his way to the cabinet 'I really need a pee.' The hacks did not give up and besiged Jeremiah when he emerged. 'I tho...

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Chris Huhne is not in jail, but "hiding out"

Funny story: Chris Huhne is not in jail, but "hiding out"

The Daily Maul reports that a lifelong friend of Chris Huhne appeared in court in his stead, earlier this month, and is now serving the sentence intended for Huhne. Huhne is now believed to be have been hiding in the dusty and deserted House of Commo...

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Dave leaves it to Nick to explain

Funny story: Dave leaves it to Nick to explain

Days before an important by election cased by the humiliating resignations of the Lib Dem mainstay Chris Huhne the Prime Minister is to force Nick Clegg to explain why the UK joined Greece this week in becoming one of two first world countries where...

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Offensive Minister Appointed

Funny story: Offensive Minister Appointed

A new post, Offensive Minister, has been created by the Government as a result of public demand : the new Minister is to be Algernon Crapper MP for Littlehumpton - a man who will imbue confidence into his Post. In an announcement Crapper stated t...

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Government to Help Workers Boost Earnings by Sending Them Text Messages

Funny story: Government to Help Workers Boost Earnings by Sending Them Text Messages

Under new plans from The Department of Work and Pensions, part-time workers could receive monthly statements telling them how much better off they would be if they increased their hours. They could also be sent texts telling them that working mor...

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Government announces new Czar

In yet another bold stroke to bring joy and happiness to our fair land, Davy Cameron announced today that Ant and Dec have been appointed as the government's latest Czars; their role, to cheer up the nation. Cammy stressed, in a jocular manner and...

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"Anybody who votes Tory is gay", claims Ed Balls

Funny story: "Anybody who votes Tory is gay", claims Ed Balls

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls made a public announcement today, advising "anybody who votes for the Conservative Party is gay. Me and little Ed and all the boys decided at Ed's house yesterday so now you all have to be on our side, otherwise you're gay.

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Savile Inquiry - Bookies Tighten the Odds

Funny story: Savile Inquiry - Bookies Tighten the Odds

Bookies in the UK are now taking a more level headed approach to the Jimmy Savile inquiry and are offering the following odds in the case. Odds Against politicians appearing in the dock on paedophilia charges resulting from inquiry. (1) One politician appearing.... 33/1. (2) Two politicians appearing... 50/1. (3) More than two... 1000/1. (4) Member of the cabinet appearing...2000/1. (5)...

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Dead Man Laughing: 2

Funny story: Dead Man Laughing: 2

As if competing in some hideous competition for the ultimate accolade of, "Imbeciles Of The Century" the Government, or what passes for one, have announced yet another barnstorming money wasting idea. Seemingly,Do-nothing-Dave and his follically c...

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Pandemonium in The House of Commons

Funny story: Pandemonium in The House of Commons

Earlier today a near riot broke out in the House of Commons. Pandemonium was unleashed when MP for Paddington North, Rory O'Hare, tabled a motion that sought to prevent Freemasons from standing for political office. O'Hare made the proposal on the...

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Ken's Knobbled Over Notorious New Job News

"Minister Without A Clue" Ken Clarke has admitted that he finds his new job "Mysterious and Baffling". Which is exactly what we felt about his previous role in government as well. Ken said: "I'm a Minister without portfolio, but what does it mean?...

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Exchequer spread bets away UK coffers on Facebook shares

A source in the Government has revealed that persons high up in the treasury have lost all the UK gold resources spread betting them away on the Facebook share offering. "We thought we could gamble our way out of debt with 80% used buying the shar...

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