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Funny story: Banning Autumn

Banning Autumn

Councillor Fezziwig Baron III from Tring has launched a scathing attack on Mother Nature. The controversial buffoon wishes to ban Autumn from his constituency, and has banned all hibernating animals from sleep, and has said that trees dropping the...
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Funny story: Nature Poem

Nature Poem

The Ostrich that keeps...
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Funny story: Self-confessed fat woman

Self-confessed fat woman

Boy-lady lesbian confesses to being fat and not having a boyfriend because men don't want freaks of nature.
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Funny story: Nature's Viagra for Squirrels

Nature's Viagra for Squirrels

Scientists in Washington DC have made a startling discovery this week while studying a group of grey squirrels at a local park.
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Funny story: Only Me.

Only Me.

What is nature? Is nature a life style? Is nature a religion? Is nature a habit? Is nature a routine? Is nature a behav...
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Funny story: Do Not Bend: Erectile Dysfunction Mystery Solved!

Do Not Bend: Erectile Dysfunction Mystery Solved!

Gravity can be the wait of the world for many men, often not discussed because of the sensitive nature of the tissue. Bearing the burden of a heavy proof, erectile dysfunction (ED) is nothing more than a classical mechanical engineering problem, says a US urologist.
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Funny story: Nature arrested on suspected murder charges

Nature arrested on suspected murder charges

In a pre dawn raid by a special seasonal police unit, Nature was cuffed and taken down to the police station on suspicion of murdering several thousand daffodils.
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Funny story: Conversation Sparks Expedient Study; Professionals Over-Thinking "Big Issues" In Life

Conversation Sparks Expedient Study; Professionals Over-Thinking "Big Issues" In Life

Scientific studies came out today proving that persons belonging to the American, professional class, have a tendency to over-think issues like marriage and having children and should take a lesson from the working class if they are really serious ab...
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Funny story: Mother Nature is Angry

Mother Nature is Angry

As your loving mother, I’m writing this, my first, open letter to you humans, my most complex mammal, just to tell you to cut it out. I am the mother here, and I’m tired of seeing you get all full of yourself, thinking you can ‘conquer’ me. I’ve been watching, I see that you don’t clean up after yourself, to say nothing of the ‘wars’ you foist on my world. You seem to think it’s ju...
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Funny story: Universe Not Real

Universe Not Real

This week Cambridge physicists revealed new findings concerning the nature of the Universe which are threatening to stand the Cosmos on its black hole. According to a recent article in the monthly Nature, the Universe never existed and therefore can...
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Funny story: Ernie and Bert: "Jazz-Hands" Gay

Ernie and Bert: "Jazz-Hands" Gay

After many years of speculation, the true nature and orientation of the relationship between two of the entertainment industry's most prolific performers is finally known -- Sesame Street's Ernie and Bert are "jazz-hands gay.
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Funny story: "Scopes Trial" County Steps Up Enforcement

"Scopes Trial" County Steps Up Enforcement

DAYTON, Tenn. - The county that has begun charging Homosexuals with "Crimes against nature" has a new axe to grind: Heterosexual "Crimes against nature".
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