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A Day in the life - Tom from Myspace

Hello, You may remember me. You know you do? Tom? Tom from Myspace? I was your friend. I was everyone's friend on Myspace? Myspace? You must remember Myspace? Before Facebook? Before Selfies? Before Trump? Before Brexit? Before the Kardashian? What is wrong with you? Are you some type of Millenial? No, I was important to Generation X'rs. You don't what a Generation Xr is? No, well ask you...

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The Door Of Opportunity Hangs On Small Hinges

Funny story: The Door Of Opportunity Hangs On Small Hinges

We live in a world where we always look for the big break, the big show, and the big crowds. Now let me say that bigness isn't wrong, bigness is great. But the amazing thing about life is that big things generally start from small things. Never despise the day of a small beginning. Your life was created from a very small cell. It's amazing to think that an atom can destroy a whole nation, that a l...

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Ilsa's One Day Back on Earth

Ilsa stood before St. Peter, wringing her hands nervously. She had been reluctant to make the request, and now that she had, she worried that a denial would also come with a black mark against her name on the roll book. Surely her request would be viewed as something other than selfish. She only wanted to return for a day to bring some joy to her husband, not for anything that would primarily b...

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Research Study Spurs Study Surfing, New Campus Craze

Funny story: Research Study Spurs Study Surfing, New Campus Craze

A study just published, Study Finds Cat People Are More Intelligent Than Dog People, has sparked a resurgence in the public's curiosity about controversial conclusions in the social sciences. Now called Study Surfing, the resurgence is especially pop...

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Tit for Tat's

How am I supposed to get on with my life? I don't know what to do here…I have this tattoo, ok. I want to finish it but I can't…so help me out. I tried to research my family crests or coat of arms or some shit but not a single site can agree on what they should look like… might have looked like…bottom line, I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE!!! Someone suggested I use a series of ones a...

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Elderly spoof writer ponders stages of life!

You told me about conception. You told me about birth. You told me about infancy. You told me about early childhood. You told me about puberty. You told me about young adulthood. You told me about middle age. You told me about the "golden years." You told me about old age. OK. I am now 86 years old. That is VERY old!  I am now shitting my brains out! More is coming out t...

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Who the hell do you think you are anyway? Are you the only one in the world that has places to go people to see, no time for this, no time for that? YOU couldn't be more WRONG, but there's more, so much more… Tell me mister man, WHY when we had ALL been safely wedged into our airline seats, YOU decided that YOU no longer want to sit next to the burbing, flatulating man eating an onion sandwich?...

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Teenager Decides He Will Stop Procrastinating...Later

Marcus Travins, a 10th grade student at Wilmot High School in North Carolina, reportedly promised that he would stop procrastinating later this year. He explains "I have a problem with pushing important assignments aside and eventually doing them...

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Morrisville Woman run out of hangers, not dismayed

Funny story: Morrisville Woman run out of hangers, not dismayed

Alice Sweeney of Morrisville Pennsylvania has a clothing storage dilemma. "I've run out of hangers" she told as we sat in a booth at the Plymouth diner. "and I'm not about to buy anymore, never bought a hanger in my life, they've just always been t...

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Is there a talent for being evil

Is villainy a talent? If so, where does it come from? Is it genetic, or learned? Some put the blame on society, culture or religion. Whatever. Before getting into it we need to know what is meant by evil. Perhaps the following words can clarify the word scope of villainy: natural disasters, diseases, birth defects, war, destruction, deception, anger, gluttony, vanity, ego, pride, lust,...

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Keep Pushing That Truck

Funny story: Keep Pushing That Truck

Back in the day a bunch of us used to hang out at a bar called the Super Bowl Pub in Wheaton, Maryland. The Super Bowl Pub was a nice dive bar which drew the most unsavory of clientele of which we were proud to be a part of. Actually we were so unsavory every other bar in town wouldn't have us except for the Super Bowl Pub. We liked to always point this fact out to the owner, John, who would si...

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Dr Farquar and The Generation Gap

How can life begin at forty? Surely it begins when you are born doesn't it? (Contributed by Alex Petty) Dr F. Life does not begin at forty. Ask John Lennon or Jill Dando. Why do teenagers express their burning desires to be different by dressing exactly the same? (Contributed by Alex Petty) Dr F. Discourage kids from spending your money on designer clothes and trainers. Have George Armani o...

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Dr Farquar presents The Latest Least Xenophobic International Poll

I'm proud to be English because when we have a joke told to us, and don't understand it, we pull a face like we have made a mistake in our trousers. We don't just laugh politely, like the Dutch. The Dutch are a fickle race. You can get arrested for growing plants but for not smoking them. You can legally kill yourself. You take the piss out of the Germans and still drink their beer. I love...

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Corn Flakes Box Doorstoppers: How To Make One

Funny story: Corn Flakes Box Doorstoppers: How To Make One

Here we are again with the latest in our How To Make One series, and this time it's something extremely useful, and also muchly cheap! If you've ever needed something to keep the door ajar on hot summer days, you're in luck, because my latest idea is the Corn Flakes box doorstopper. First, you need an empty Corn Flakes box. Size doesn't matter, but, if you really want to impress the neighbou...

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Braveheart of Coward?

Funny story: Braveheart of Coward?

Just a bit of "Rajing" fun that flipped into my head during brain surgery after the missus flung the frying pan at me; it's a menopause thing! Mad dogs and Englishmen! A sip of green tea dashed with a slice of fresh lemon passes her lips as she sits beneath swaying palm leaves and a Bengali breeze. "Darling, what on earth is that total Nutcase doing out there in this damn heat?. "Swee...

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How to Solve the World's Problems

Funny story: How to Solve the World's Problems

A world order is not a bad idea. What is bad about it is WHO intends to run it and HOW and what will become of us all if they get their way. So, ending that is the first step to establishing the unity of Mankind. How? Here's what we do. We end the ruling bloodlines, the malevolent dynasties, the black heart of capitalism. We do this by closing down all the banks and putting on trial all those r...

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Whatever anyway

Funny story: Whatever anyway

Anyway, whatever. Whatever you say. Anyway, who cares. ANY WAY? You must be joking. There are some ways that are just not me. We know you are always right anyway. So... Whatever you say Dad. Anyway what's the use? Right? Anyway - it'll all be the same in a thousand years - So whatever? You must be joking! What a drag. I can't believe it. But...whatever. Anyway I don't really care. W...

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Ratatouille two-step

Funny story: Ratatouille two-step

A man who had previously complained that a rat had 'run up his leg' while he was eating in his local Wetherspoon's pub has been exposed as a fraud. Dick Soars, 57, was on a blind Internet date with, Mona Lotz, a nubile Lithuanian wench and had arr...

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