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Latest Spoof News Story: Monday 23rd May 2011

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Location: Magnolia, TX, USA

Profile: I'm the son of a U.S. Marine, raised as a Marine is trained; however, I do reserve the right to offend everybody, including the Marines.

Member of Phi Theta Kappa
Disabled American

I believe in equality. My aim is to be perfectly rude and devious, being sure to insult everybody equally. No one is safe from my master weapons... parody, sarcasm, and the soft cushion. I might even pull out the EASY CHAIR.

Some of my favorite movies are by Mel Brooks and Monty Python. My favorite magazine is MAD. I only view and read QUALITY material, as you can see. I do make exceptions for Gnarly Eric, queenmudder, M&S, and Jalepenoman since I work with them on a regular basis. I MIGHT even be persuaded to read articles by others on if I feel they merit my princely attention. I reFUSE to read anything written by Mark Lowton anymore until he decides to pay us lowly writers. Welcome to The Spoof!

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