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Latest Spoof News Story: Monday 20th December 2004

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Location: Under ma tin foil hat

Profile: Hello..?? I here?...tap..tap...testing...
Okay, heres sumthin ya didn't know bout comedy writing as taught to me by George's all evil an must be stopped now!...okay..start over...
Way way back..... long time ago, when I wuz at a tender age....mama accidently threw me from a speeden car winder...this led to my creative luner contusion an forced me to wear my patented Dr. Phil...(thats whut I call ma tin foil hat) keeps most of the voices out allowen me to have direct communicashun with ma typen finger. Thats important cuz theres nuthen worse then a typen finger with no know the kind ...sporten a hangover nail with an attitude..thimble cocked on his head....nail impregnated with booger...whut?..okay I'll quit..:)

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