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Spoofing since: Tuesday 4th October 2011

Real Name: Yang Burz Home

Email: cyber.yang.1 {at} gmail.com

Homepage: https://independent.academia.edu/mahussain/Papers

Profile: I am a former Muslim, renounced Islam in 1973 and turned to atheistic humanism. Born and brought up in Jummu & Kashmir, the state of India in an orthodox Sunni Muslim family, my parental name was Mohammad Ashfaq Hussain. In 1997, I changed my name to Yang Burz Home. I am writing under pen name M.A.Hussain. I am an independent researcher, writer, a self-taught cultural anthropologist, a political satirist and a blogger.

I have a manuscript, titled "From Islam to Womanism, My spiritual Journey" approximately 90000 words and containing 200 pages. The manuscript is complete and ready for publishing.

The book is the result of my two years of rigorous study. When most of the women see the world through man's prism under the influence of male consciousness my contemplation led me to see the world through woman's eyes. My musings feminized my epistemology and cognition, it fascinated me. I ventured beyond atheism to love as my new religion. Now I can see the world through woman's eyes. It is what I call "Womanism".

I tried my level best to get it published by the mainstream publishers but no publisher is willing to publish the book because of criminalization of criticism of Islam and even scholarly criticism is not tolerated. However, I am determined to get it published.

The book is my spiritual journey from Islam to Womanism. It is thought provoking, pro-woman, humanistic, scholarly, a piece of a creative and critical thinking that will interest general readers as well as academia, the political left and the right, and all those who
are interested in Islam.

The book is not merely about why I renounced Islam, it is also how I became an atheist; why I did not convert to any other religion, what led me to new spirituality, Womanism, the pinnacle of humanism, and what are its theoretical and philosophical foundations. It may be deemed to be an atheist invitation to more than one billion Muslims to renounce Islam, and a guide to become an atheist.

The book is worth being given as a gift to Christian converts to Islam and Muslims aspiring to be atheists. It is better than others on the market, as it is a true story and is consistently scholarly book. I have adopted Non Theologicentric approach in understanding Islam and treated Islam as RIA(Repressive Ideological Apparatus)

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