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Latest Spoof News Story: Friday 12th April 2013

Spoofing since: Friday 9th October 2009

Real Name: Paul T Horgan

Location: Berkshire, England

Profile: 1) We are now living in the Ridiculous Age.

2) Major decisions are taken for obscure objectives.

3) They are justified to the masses with crafted phrases designed to reduce alarm and consternation.

4) In reality we should all be tearing our hair in rage, anguish and despair.

5) Don't be complacent.

6) Something wrong is going on but we are not being told what it is.

7) There is no conspiracy because that implies competence.

8) And there is no competence.

9) Just people muddling through towards the illusion of light in an endless tunnel.

10) Nothing ever ends.

11) So nothing is ever all right in end.

12) The absence of an end means that there is no end to justify the means.

13) So there are just means.

14) And no-one knows what the means mean.

15) Don't be afraid.

16) Let scorn and cynicism be your tools.

17) Just remember that you will never run out of rotten fruit to throw.

18) And there will never be a shortage of targets.

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