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Funny story:  More letters to The Spoof

More letters to The Spoof

Dear Spoof: I'm now in favor of gay marriage. That's different from before, when I was kind of in favor of it. I'm just saying, if I was gay, I'd get married. I mean that in a good way, of course. President B. Obama Dear Spoof: I always thought Rip Taylor was an American genius. I hear he'll be playing at 'The Comedy Dump" in Houston, TX later this month. I'll probably see you there if yo...
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Funny story:  2011 Top Baby Names

2011 Top Baby Names

Dakota and Joshua are about to be new parents, but the question of what to name their new baby is still on their minds. They want a name that gives the baby a strong identity without threatening other babies. While sipping a latte at a local beanery, they expressed their concerns. "It's so important. Maybe we should wait until the baby can decide on it's own." suggested Dakota. "This...
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Funny story:  More winter energy saving tips

More winter energy saving tips

1. If your wife keeps turning up the thermostat, start collecting guns, just to let her know you mean business. 2. You remember that guy that never wore a heavy coat and said he was always comfortable. He died of pneumonia. 3. In the depression people burned their homes' inside doors for warmth. Luckily that could never happen again. 4. You can turn off your refrigerator if...
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Funny story:  Wall Street occupiers announce demands

Wall Street occupiers announce demands

The Wall Street Occupiers have announced their list of Demands: 1. All debts are automatically forgiven, unless someone we don't like owes them. 2. Less urine pooling around our sleeping bags. 3. Every day is Christmas, or at least Boxing Day. 4. Better vibes, you dig? 5. Eliminate the cost of essential items. Most to be paid for by performing a scene from "Godspell." 6. Minimu...
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Funny story:  My musings on humor

My musings on humor

I often think about comedy, and about the funniest people I've run across in my life. I guess they have inspired me to become involved in humor. There are a few and they are varied, but they had one thing in common: their humor was unique, and they made us laugh. By "us" I mean "me." My first comedy mentor was a local TV host named Bobby Harrimer. Every afternoon, around 5pm, he ushered us i...
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Funny story:  Letters to Spoof

Letters to Spoof

Dear Spoof: Have you seen me lately? I'm feisty! That's the word I'd use, feisty! I don't give up, and I'm not going away. Come to the White House and I'll kick your butt at X-Box. That's right, I talk trash too! Deal with it, Barack "B-Money" Obama (Prez!) Dear Mr. Spoof: Have you seen the remote? Oh, it's here in my hand. Land o' Goshen! Come down to Texas and eat one of my cow...
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Funny story:  Tips for staying healthy

Tips for staying healthy

Now that cold and flu season is here, here's some tips, courtesy of, for staying healthy. 1. People who exercise regularly usually stay healthier. Try to marry someone like this so they can go to work when you can't. 2. There is a large increase in flu cases after Christmas. Convert to Judaism. 3. If you get sick, try to stay indoors for a few days and drink lots o...
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Funny story:  Money Saving Tips from

Money Saving Tips from

We're all watching our spending lately, so here's some tips on saving cash from The Spoof's money expert. 1. Save on your water bill by not flushing your toilet after every time you use it. Also, don't use it. 2. You can also save water by taking baths instead of showers. Then, when your skin gets all wrinkly, cash in on those "senior discounts." 3. Find out which bars have free food duri...
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Funny story:  More Letters to

More Letters to

Dear get things off their chest with a little rant and a rave. Dear It hurts my feelings when people make fun of the way I talk. You need to listen to what I actually say! That's far more worthy of ridicule. Barney Frank Just trying to keep up Dear I am apalled by such Tomfoolery! Time was when a well written...
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Funny story:  Spoof Editorial: Why Doesn't Someone Buy Me a Gift?

Spoof Editorial: Why Doesn't Someone Buy Me a Gift?

A few years ago, I wiped up some orange soda spilled by someone else who didn't notice what he did (at least that's how he made it look!). I don't remember getting a thank you for that, but I didn't let it bother me. I help when I'm needed. That's what I do, that's who I am. Last week I gave someone a band aid I had in my desk drawer after he cut his hand on one of our file cabinets. The ed...
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Funny story:  New Fall TV Programs

New Fall TV Programs

With the new Fall TV season under way, here are a few shows you may have missed so far. "The Dentalist" (NBC)- A doctor of dental surgery solves crimes through a combination of deduction, tooth record analysis and flossing. "Flav and Dave" (UPN)- Flavor Flav and David Hasselhoff are unlikely roommates. Listen for the new catchphrase "What time is it? Time for cake!" "So You Think You Can...
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Funny story:  Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter is at hand, and given the cost of heating fuel and electricity, The Spoof offers these valuable tips to save money this energy season. 1. Sharing body heat conserves energy. Delay the birth of any infants as long as possible. 2. Much body heat is lost through the head. Keep a smoldering fire in your hair during the winter months. 3. Shivering creates body warmth. Try to go through hero...
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Funny story:  Summer Movie Preview

Summer Movie Preview

This summer, several blockbuster movies will be opening. Get a jump on your summer fun: here's a preview of what we can expect!...
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Funny story:  Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

We're approaching another summer season, and the North American Safety Council has issued their annual warm weather safety tips to help us all have a fun and safe summer. Feel free to pass these along to your friends:...
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Funny story:  Letters to Spoof

Letters to Spoof

Looking through our Spoof mailbag, I came across some letters you might enjoy! --Jeff...
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