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Funny story:  Devil's Advocates

Devil's Advocates

'A drowning man will clutch at a straw'. At this junction, we desperately need to know what is going on around us. Yes, we fail to understand what is going on in Turkey, what happened to MH370, why US, Russian officials behave so haphazardly etc. In Crimea, 245,000 are Tatars, or 10.2% of the total population. Around the 5th century AD, the forefathers of the present Tatars were nomadic tribes...
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Funny story:  Changing of the Guards

Changing of the Guards

Every day, people, just like buffalo herds in Africa, intently watch a despicable sight: a woman being attacked by a number of masked assailants, here; there, a weak buffalo or calf by a single lion. The masked men vigorously pull away the shoulder-strap purse of a woman, leaving home for shopping or other businesses, with impunity, in public thoroughfares. The more heinous spectacle is the ever-i...
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Funny story:  MH370 and Putin

MH370 and Putin

In 1967, Israel's Arab neighbors suffered severe defeat in the Six-Day War. In particular, much of the Egyptian forces and equipment were destroyed and Sinai Peninsula, 60,000 km² vs. 20,770 km² Israel, was captured by Israeli forces. After the war, Nasser, the Egyptian leader, died of a heart attack, in 1970 to be succeeded by Anwar Sadat. In 1973, the regime of Egyptian president, Anwar Sadat...
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Funny story:  Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

Tsar of Russia, Peter the Great, 1672-1725 (aged 52) is said to have issued a Will of which the following is an excerpt: "… Russia must plunge Persia and Turkey into frequent wars; establish shipyards on the Black Sea… as well as the Baltic, as both are indispensable to a successful carrying out of our enterprises. We must hasten the downfall of Persia {many thanks to Jimmy Carter acting on behalf...
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Funny story:  Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience

History shows that 6% of a population, provided they are determined and share a common incentive, can seize power and enslave the entire inhabitants. The common ground could be any ideology. Felix Dzerzhinsky was a member of several revolutionary committees and the creator of Soviet State Security forces Cheka (1917-26), the notorious committee for torture and mass summary executions. Felix D.
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Funny story:  With No Dick

With No Dick

About 5 billion years ago, earth came into existence. Some billion years later, life emerged. Additional changes resulted in creation of the first organisms. Next, plants and animals, carnivorous and non-carnivorous, appeared. Then, a new species was born, called Homo sapiens. This odd animal inherited the original traits of the beasts of the world. According to Freud the id, or rather the anim...
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Funny story:  Life Without Youth

Life Without Youth

When health or wealth is threatened, we get fearful just like a fish in a tank after hearing a sudden knock on the container. This reaction is called fear. Fear, in most living things, is said to be basic or innate. A sudden change of environment such as light, sound etc causes fear in us. Additionally, we have a tendency to be afraid of the unknown. Naturally, the econ-political changes of the pr...
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Funny story:  Fake Contracts

Fake Contracts

The USA's Office of Commercial and Business Affairs promotes and protects U.S. business interests in foreign countries. Period! The following story is fictitious. The conversation took place between a fully authorized representative of PKKT (Phobio-Klepto-Kakisto-Theocracy) government and a giant US Corporation. The PKKT's man was a cook-help in the kitchens of American families in 1970s when h...
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Funny story:  That's why she enjoys sad songs

That's why she enjoys sad songs

Energy can be stored. Sight and sound are energy; therefore, we can store them and, consequently, recall them. Carl Jung, 1875-1961, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, refers to a psychic system of inherited collective unconsciousness. When we dream we see images, but most of time these images are unfamiliar and we have no recollection of them. Where do they come from- same collective unconsciou...
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Funny story:  Charging Khosrau II with Omission

Charging Khosrau II with Omission

King Khosrau II, technically the last King of Sassanid Empire, in 628 A.D., was murdered along with 18 eligible male heirs to the throne in a coup led by his son, Shiroye. Shiroye, the new king, did not last long. He died of plague within a year of accession. In fact, the death of Khosrau II was the last straw to wipe a grand civilization off the face of the earth. It never rose from the ground ag...
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Funny story:  Blab, Blab, Blab

Blab, Blab, Blab

Money lenders of the past and present know exactly how to protect their assets: they demand very secure collateral. Therefore, ironically, it is inexcusable for a banker or a usurer or a loan shark to lose his money because of fake collateral. Of course, there is an exception here when a country is run by gangsters who set up their own commercial banks to lend huge amount of money to a cohort, dis...
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Funny story:  When lips flip 90 degrees

When lips flip 90 degrees

When we conclude that event 'A' caused event 'B', simply because the proposed cause occurred before the proposed effect, this mentality, in Latin, is called: 'Post hoc ergo propter hoc', meaning 'after this, therefore because of this'. And it is one of the several logical fallacies. This process of the mind may get confused with Conspiracy Theories, displeasing authorities. Recent examples of...
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Funny story:  Spasmodic Erection

Spasmodic Erection

Dream or no dream, it just don't matter. Me walking in the fields. Time, unknown. No sunshine; no shades. No thunder; no rain. But water in the streams rapidly rising and flooding the fields. Turn around to examine other places. Fields are all covered with flood water rapidly approaching. Seems earth's throwing up all its belly water. Sure I get pretty scary. See a white crag like Gibraltar before...
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Funny story:  Who said you were naked

Who said you were naked

Some astronomers say there are about 170 billion galaxies in Universe, billion light-years far apart. If you multiply, the number of stars in our galaxy, 300 billion, by 170 billion other galaxies, you get approximately 10 to the power of 24 stars in universe, Counting non-stop, each number a second, it would take you almost 32 years to count one billion. What keeps the solar system so tight to...
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Funny story:  Double Standards

Double Standards

Miracle Village is a sugar cane country, south Florida. It lies deep in a sea of green, bordering home to over 100 registered sex offenders who were found guilty, and have usually served a prison sentence, for a sex crime. Three percent of these people once were in positions of power: pastor, teacher, sports coach. A number of these sex offenders were convicted because they had sex with underage g...
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Funny story:  Collective poetry of Persia

Collective poetry of Persia

Most people, literate or illiterate, in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, the remnants of the ruined Persian Empire, still, 2013, keep, at least, three books in their homes: Rubaiyat-e Khayyam, Hafiz and Shahnameh. A well-known Iranian scholar, Mohammad Abdolvahab Qazvini, 1877-1949, after completing his traditional theological schooling, Arabic grammar and Islamic teachings, in 1904, at the...
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Funny story:  Orgasmic loud shriek

Orgasmic loud shriek

The traffic down the so-called expressway was clogged. It lasted several minutes before got moving. When my car reached the congested spot, I saw a very conspicuous Porsche Panamera with a piece of worn-out-torn-out jacket stuck under the left front wheel. A few yards behind the car, there lay a corps, covered with dried-up streaks of blood. Skin color, due to loss of blood and time of death, in t...
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Funny story:  People get what they deserve

People get what they deserve

Have you ever heard of a hybrid political system composed of one or more technically opposites? Take, for instance, the United Kingdom which is comprised of four nations: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is a devolved government. In other word, it is being granted a home rule. First, the overall ruler was called the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, the British monar...
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Funny story:  Oh! Calcutta

Oh! Calcutta

Farce, by definition, is a standard theatrical comedy. Sadly enough, some criminal agents, for more than three decades, have devised a sickening strain of farce which boggles the mind. This 21st century strain combines the rough boisterous comedy with human suffering in a disgusting manner. In farce, everything is exaggerated, including the plot which twists a lot, thus sending the spectators'...
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Funny story:  Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda

History is written by the victors."- Winston Churchill. "History is a set of lies agreed upon."- Napoleon Bonaparte. In the history of Arabian Peninsula, 450-621 A. D., we find three brothers in Mecca called: Hashim, Motalib and Abdoshams. Hashim and Abdoshams were conjoined twins! Ironically, there was a feud between these two brothers which has continued to present time. It began with Hashim'...
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Funny story:  Sr. Presidente Chavez

Sr. Presidente Chavez

Dear RIP Hugo Chaviz I do miss you a lot! Good old days! You, in your jumpsuit, standing on the platform, vigorously shouting, threatening, cursing. Mr. Presidente, 'si no te importa' I've got some questions for you. Remember your 'discurso', speech, at World Water, 2011? You said, "I have always said, heard, that it would not be strange that there had been civilization on Mars, but maybe c...
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Funny story:  The Art of Deception

The Art of Deception

Life is nothing but a big soap opera, with an intricate plot and endless conflicts, played by animals on a stage called earth. Many wise men have tried to discover the theme of this drama in vain. When animal actors, excluding man, are watched, their existence seems a bit logical and straightforward, but this does not apply to its main cast of Homo sapiens. This farce play is a concoction of...
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