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Funny story:  Jackie Collins...Exclusive Interview.

Jackie Collins...Exclusive Interview.

Takemi Pantsoff of The Vagina Observer secured the following exclusive interview with famed novelist Jackie Collins on the eve of the release of her new book "Isabella". "We met by the enormous heart-shaped pool of Jackie's $30 million mansion in Beverly Hills. She lay on a low recliner in her black swimsuit and stared at a blue sky as she answered my questions. Periodically, she would...
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Funny story:  Van Gogh's Missing Letter

Van Gogh's Missing Letter

In a hen hut in Arles Southern France has been found a missing letter signed Vincent Van Gogh. It was never posted to his brother but it makes for enlightening reading. Here are a several extracts to be published tomorrow exclusively by the famous art periodical Conn-Fusion published by Bloomsbury and edited by Christopher Little. "Dear Theo, First of all, thanks for the paints and...
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Funny story:  Survey on Hefner's Marriage

Survey on Hefner's Marriage

A survey has been conducted by prestigious periodical The Vagina Observer into Hugh Hefner's marriage to the delectable centerfold Crystal Harris. Women from all social strata were asked whether or not they approved of the match. Over 98% percent of girls still at school or college said they would be "embarrassed or ashamed" if Hefner was their grandfather and that Harris was a "slut" and a "g...
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Funny story:  Rage Boxing Sweeps the World

Rage Boxing Sweeps the World

Here at last Rage Boxing the new sport that makes kick-boxing look like an argument at a taxi rank. Only a few months old, Rage Boxing has taken the world by storm. Begun in the UK, Rage Boxing is the ultimate in physical combat. It is said to have been inspired by a Japanese Game Show called "Champions of Endurance" and in view of the fact that few Brits can actually think of something all by...
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Funny story:  One Man's Quest for Fame and Glory

One Man's Quest for Fame and Glory

A skeleton found in Australia's Simpson desert is believed to be that of intrepid explorer Earnest Potter . Earnest was last seen in January 12th 1894 as he led an expeditionary force into Australia's Northern Territory in search of a fabled gold reef. The map of where to find the gold had been sold to Mr. Potter by a Lewis Lasseter whom he met in a pub in Sydney. Lasseter swore on a stack of bibl...
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Funny story:  New Dead Sea Scroll Has Scholars Excited

New Dead Sea Scroll Has Scholars Excited

For years since their discovery in the decade from 1946 to 1956 the 972 texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls have preoccupied scholars daily. Controversial and guarded by Catholic orthodoxy there is none yet so far as exciting as the apocryphal text recently unearthed at Cave Eleven near the Dead Sea. It belongs to Salome Agrippa, a hitherto unknown follower of Jesus Christ and takes the form of a privat...
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Funny story:  Sonya Tolstoy's Diary Discovered

Sonya Tolstoy's Diary Discovered

A new and astonishingly frank diary covering the last decade of Leo Tolstoy's life has been discovered in a hen-hut outside Moscow. After extensive tests literary experts have recognised it as genuine. Here are two extracts in which Sonya explains the difficulty of living with the great man: Jan 4th: 1901: He has become impossible. He spent hours talking to visitors from India last night.
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Funny story:  Rowling's Last Interview

Rowling's Last Interview

On the crest of a wave after her apparent victory over the Willy the Wizard team in New York when Judge Shira Scheindlin threw out their case against US publishers Scholastic J.K.Rowling gave a rare impromptu interview to a lone reporter at her Edinburgh mansion. She had assumed wrongly that Hanzoff Miwerk co-editor of one of Holland's leading intellectual mazazines had flown in to ask her quest...
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Funny story:  US Fatties Declare War

US Fatties Declare War

Chubby Butterworth head of the "Fat is Beautiful Society" of California has issued a statement on behalf of his half-million members. The society has been campaigning for years to end discrimination in America against fat and obese people. Chubby, who is not keeping well, issued the following statement from his hospital bed - wards two, three and four: "We, the calorie challenged people...
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Funny story:  Rowling's Ministry of Propaganda

Rowling's Ministry of Propaganda

Journalist Ted McBrain of "The Genitalia Review" goes in search of J.K.Rowling's Publicity Director. "Finding the Ministry wasn't easy as nobody in Edinburgh seemed to know where it was or even if it existed. Eventually, I found it in a small disused library off Princess Street. There were no signs or indications and all the windows had steel shutters. After I had been checked by security in th...
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Funny story:  Betting Opens on Rowling Trial

Betting Opens on Rowling Trial

International Bookmakers have just opened a book on the outcome of the impending trial for plagiarism of J.K.Rowling in London's High Court scheduled for later this year. Bookie Juan Borneveryday said: "Our view is that it will be a tough contest. Our final analysis is that the opposition will have too much to do and Rowling should win going away. We make Rowling odds on at 4/6 and Willy's...
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Funny story:  Rowling threatens Suicide Over Snub in New Year's Honours List

Rowling threatens Suicide Over Snub in New Year's Honours List

"So what happened this time around with the recuperating-from-poverty J.K.Rowling and that elusive Damehood? Couldn't her pals in government and the media who have been hiding her sorry ass from scrutiny for years and years swing it for her? Did she not dump enough ill-gotten spondoolicks into Labour's coffers and God knows what other powerful pockets? Kids, blogs, gremlins, foreigners, dope addic...
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Funny story:  The Secret of Happiness?

The Secret of Happiness?

It's official. The happiest people on earth are in the small independent province of Paxovia in Russia. It is so safe there that doors are left unlocked, car keys can be left in the ignition and if you lose your wallet or purse it will be returned to you within hours or still be in the place you left it. I went there to find out for myself. As soon as I arrived in Solacia the capital, I was am...
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Funny story:  Hitler is Alive!

Hitler is Alive!

New York journalist Patrick Raisin relates his meeting with head of Germany's Neo-Nazi Party that is fast gaining popularity among the young not only in Germany but in many other countries around the world. Frantz Kleindick, flanked by two of his Stormtroopers, was lounging in a leather swivel-chair behind his desk when I was shown in. All three wore the old Gestapo black uniform with Swastika...
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Funny story:  Rowling Announces Sex-Change

Rowling Announces Sex-Change

J.K.Rowling's forthcoming sex-change operation has come as a shock for many. But even more shocking are the reasons for it. Now, WikiLeaks director Julian Assange, from his cave in Northern Afghanistan, has released to our paper the "Vagina Observer" a tape that was secretly recorded of the conference that led to this momentous announcement. The meeting in Bremen, Northwestern Germany was hasti...
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Funny story:  Rowling's Baby Boy's First Public Appearance

Rowling's Baby Boy's First Public Appearance

The Christening took place yesterday morning of David Gordon Rowling Murray, son of J.K.Rowling and quiet husband Neil Murray. A select group of family and friends gathered for the ceremony at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Edinburgh. Rowling's agent and ex-flame Chris Little was godfather. Papal envoy, Cardinal Pedro Philia, was unable to make it as his Volvo was in a headlong smash w...
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Funny story:  Surprise Appearance by Satan at Rowling Bash

Surprise Appearance by Satan at Rowling Bash

Billionaire literary agent Christopher Little hired the QE2 for a huge bash in anticipation of his 'discovery' J.K.Rowling's receiving a Damehood in the forthcoming 2011 New Years Honours List. As he boarded the colossal ship with his partner Neil Blair and several members of his in-house writers' team he refused to disclose what his supreme optimism was based on; "It's in the bag," was all he man...
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Funny story:  J.K. Rowling's Old Boyfriend Discovered

J.K. Rowling's Old Boyfriend Discovered

Private Eye got onto him first. That's how I got to know about it as one of their freelances. In fact, he contacted them from Heathrow airport. He was angry they told me and to take care. But he had a story. He was none other than J.K.Rowling's secret boyfriend from many years back. I imagined he would be weedy, bookish, a nerd. He was the guy she never talked about and only mention...
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Funny story:  Exclusive Interview with J.K.Rowling

Exclusive Interview with J.K.Rowling

Rowling speaks out about being snubbed for Damehood. This exclusive interview was conducted in an underground bunker just outside of Stuttgart, Germany. Only one camera was allowed and J.K. Rowling's people insisted it be trained on the interviewee's feet throughout. It took place just prior to the release of the latest Harry Potter movie called "Harry Potter Show-Down in the Phonebox... with...
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