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Funny story:  Smart As A Fox, part II

Smart As A Fox, part II

Some phone calls are disturbing. We say hello and wait for the coin to drop. 'Is this XYZ?' 'Yes!' 'Your girlfriend's not feeling well. Could you come over? Who am I? I'm a Samaritan. Who? Forget it. I'm a passerby. I simply wanna help the woman. Excuse me. What's my name? I see. What's her name? OK. She says Maria. Maria Smith wants to talk to you. Hold on.' 'Hello? Maria. What's goi...
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Funny story:  Child Camel Jockeys

Child Camel Jockeys

Child Camel Jockeys in United Arab Emirates of today and Chimney Sweepers in London of 18th century have both blood-chilling effects on the observer. Child-Camel-Jockey business in United Arab Emirates is an instance of appalling child abuse. Reports say these children are deprived of sleep and medication, beaten, tortured and sexually abused. They are either kidnapped or bought as slaves for t...
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Funny story:  Smart As A Fox, part I

Smart As A Fox, part I

Happiness is hard work. Therefore, in pursuit of happiness, I work very hard. In doubt? Read my accounts: Long time ago, I, like Beverly Hills stars, used to jog along the streets, before sunrise. But had to give it up, as the police repeatedly arrested me on various charges: lunacy, burglary, foreign agent sympathizer, informer etc. Since my jumping suit has no rear pocket for a wallet, I coul...
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Funny story:  How to Turn People Stupid

How to Turn People Stupid

After the fall of the Persian Empire in 632, Omar, the 2nd successor to the prophet of Islam, issued his legendary order: 'Burn the libraries, for their value is in this book, (i. e., Moslem script).' The result of this decision and its complications was/has been, in fact, tantamount to surgically removing the brains of the Persian scientists of the time. After the burning of the books, Arabs, wh...
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Funny story:  Complexes and suchlike

Complexes and suchlike

According to Carl Jung, (1875 -1961), a complex is 'a core pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes organized around a common theme.' It is 'perfectly normal to have complexes because everyone has emotional experiences that affect the psyche. Although they are normal, negative complexes can cause pain and suffering'. An example given is the case of an individual, in childhood, who...
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Funny story:  The Captured Virgins

The Captured Virgins

Does it matter whether the biblical story of 'Cain and Abel' is true or not? Besides, aren't we of the same species and, therefore, brothers? Brothers have fought off their rival brothers. Jealousy and arrogance in man has led both sexes to all sorts of violence. This ancient grudge existed between two Arabs, Hashim, great grandfather of prophet of Islam and his nephew, Umayyah, dating back...
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Funny story:  Ask them greedy corporate mercenaries

Ask them greedy corporate mercenaries

Although our stomach is well-equipped with a mechanism against gastric acid, sometimes its mucus gets badly hurt, allowing the acid to penetrate, violating a code of conduct called discipline. Earlier this week Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, 38, married, two children, aged 3 and 4, twice injured in combat, with an exemplary military record, is accused of killing 16 Afghan villagers, some children. B...
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Funny story:  Common Queer Traits

Common Queer Traits

Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882), an English naturalist, said all species originate from common ancestry. Well, if the idea is true, then the genes of our ancestors must be present in us. For instance, there is a trait in many people who have a tendency to worship masters. A second trait is a personality disorder found in a number of people, a disorder which is called grandiosity, an unrealistic...
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Funny story:  How to win the heart of a woman

How to win the heart of a woman

Our world is full of triviality and absurdity; some are ignorable; some, disturbing. In certain parts of the world, cheap impostors normally attach themselves to various authorities, dead or alive. One simple scheme is quoting. Episode 1 here is a harmless quoting, but the second episodes are somehow disturbing. Episode I: My old grandma was naturally spiritual. Since we had no clock around the...
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Funny story:  'Halal' Shish Kebab

'Halal' Shish Kebab

A glorified bunny, in Stockholm, knows how to herd the sheep. Additionally, a sheepdog breeder says the sheep seem to pay the rabbit minder a lot of respect. As a human-interest story, there are 700,000 You-Tube hits, but there is a chilling truth behind this story: why the sheep allow a little rabbit to move them around? Can we compare the other flock, people, with the literal sheep here?...
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Funny story:  Thou shalt not steal

Thou shalt not steal

Proverbs are trickles of man's life. An instance is 'Set a thief to catch a thief'. None of the species, in animal kingdom, favor being robbed. When prevention failed, 10 commandments came in: 'Thou shalt not steal'; but the command fell short, too. Then constables were hired; no abatement. Additionally, an unsanctioned alliance took place between the thieves and the constables; from that point on...
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Funny story:  A sheep, by any other name, would still be a sheep

A sheep, by any other name, would still be a sheep

Many thousands of years ago, men learned to catch larger animals, to grow plants, to make tools out of stone and to trade. First, cattle were used as goods to trade: one whole calf for one single shovel, but the calf was worth much higher than a shovel, and the seller unable to give any change back. As time went by, someone came up with the idea of using salt, shells, animals' tails, tigers' to...
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Funny story:  Rocky Rocks

Rocky Rocks

Years before Christ, some say, Russians had many gods, among whom there was a god called Mithra. Allegedly, migrating Aryans brought Mithra to India and Persia. After the conquest of Persia by Alexander, 4th century B.C., Romans began worshiping Mithra. They believed Mithra was born from a mountain rock. On the other hand, the stories go that God had secret meeting with some originators of ma...
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Funny story:  Laced ...

Laced ...

According to Greek mythology, the beginnings of things started with Chaos or yawning nothingness, and Genesis says 'The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep'. Then came the 10th Commandment-'thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's'. Herodotus (4...
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Funny story:  Apex


William Blake, 1757-1827, wrote: 'TIGER, tiger…Did He who made the lamb make thee?' From time immemorial until the present, we have frequently heard the stories of the kings and the subjects, stories of war and peace, etc. People, following leaders, have killed or been killed. Any average manager or platoon leader knows that his men only obey the commander when the followers' personal objectiv...
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Funny story:  The Tone

The Tone

Once a slave, forever a slave. There are some ways to attest the hypothesis, such as the EU austerity measures. Alfred Marshall, 1842-1924, said, '…Economics is a study of mankind… ', and economy has a naughty cycle: recession. When in recession we sit idle, do nothing but need to tighten the belts, i.e. take austerity measures. In good old days, that cycle, due to precipitation shortage, was...
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Funny story:  Not opening up

Not opening up

William Ross Wallace (1819 - May 5, 1881), American poet, wrote, "Rainbows evermore are hurled; For the hand that rocks the cradle". According to Wallace it is the mother's hand that rules the world. Well, does this include the criminals ruling the world, or corporate CEOs who stick to 'End-justifies-the-means axiom'? Anyway, who is the woman in the saying: 'Behind Every Successful Man, There is A...
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Funny story:  Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails

Archeologists claim they have found a 5000-year old backgammon. Backgammon uses dice, or rather knucklebones, to provide random numbers, or rather deity's will and pre-determination, to determine the movements of the checkers. In addition to backgammon, man, in complex situations, uses the same knucklebone idea to determine what to do, shifting the responsibility to the supernatural and thus...
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Funny story:  Inaudible Loud Dissonance, Part II

Inaudible Loud Dissonance, Part II

The Arab invasions of 7th century into neighboring countries left an irreparable damage and shattered the fabrics of many societies, but the bitter truth remained silent. The wars they fought were mainly political. They were not sincere in their ideology. After each invasion, they took millions of young females as slaves, irrefutable. Of course, nobody expects fighting men of this nature to be...
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Funny story:  Inaudible Loud Dissonance (Part I)

Inaudible Loud Dissonance (Part I)

Some poems by Homer, the Greek poet, (around 850 BC), contain accounts of the genesis of the world and the succession of divine rule etc. According to the doctrine of 'divine right to rule', a monarch or a despot derives his indisputable right to rule directly from God. According to some dead Persian poets, three essential elements are required to make a person a right king: bestowed divine gl...
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Funny story:  Release Button

Release Button

Time for commercial political movies is long over. Other movies, poorly pivoting on sex, violence and crime, are rendered deadly dull, while some world news, such as on Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc, all full of suspense, is partially better than a blank TV screen. However, if you prick up your ears, you may find some itty-bitty peripheral news, unscrupulously released, which can let the two loose ends...
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Funny story:  Plant thine Seed

Plant thine Seed

The women, of Roman Empire era, were much fond of elegant hair styles! On the other hand, as long as history remembers, females of the Greater Middle East countries (GME) have always worn various forms of burqa, now common in Afghanistan. In GME, burqa is mandatory. In 1970s, the beginning of world-wide turmoil, a president in GME publicly said women's head hair emitted a kind of beam that sexuall...
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