Written by Nate John Won

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Tags: Poetry, Poo

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image for An ode to Poo ... something we all do...

Poo by Natalina Won

Poo -

it's what we have in common,
we all produce it.
Call it what you will:
faeces, excrement, sh*t.

Disgusting it may be,
but very good for plants.
When it comes from cows,
it's a habitat home for ants.

It's 'merde' in French (and that's no joke)
because it's true:
life revolves around poo.

Animals in hot countries
produce it by the ton.
Inevitably, it dries out in the sun.

I was walking down the street,
and who did I meet -
but a man in a mac
who said, 'it's also called cak'.

'You know,' I said.
'it's also called crap -
and that's a toilet paper (w)rap!'

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