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North Korean Jokes (As Though The Country Isn't Enough Of a Joke On Its Own).

North Korean Jokes (As Though The Country Isnt Enough Of a Joke On Its Own)....

submitted by rfreed, 08 February 2016

Blond Suicide Bomber Jokes

Forget the overly cheery Christmas carols, the endless gift shopping and the eye strainingly gaudy seasonal decorations. It is time for some truly low-brow, rude, raunchy and definitely non-Christmasy...

submitted by rfreed, 08 December 2013

Spring Breaker Jokes- THE SEQUEL!!!!!

Why do Spring Breakers use snowboards that are rounded at both ends? Because they dont know if they are coming or going. How do you tell the difference between a regular tourist and a Spring Breaker?...

submitted by rfreed, 19 March 2013

Spring Breaker Jokes

Why do Spring Breakers not like blond jokes? They always have to find a blond to explain them. Did you hear about the Spring Breaker who had a brain bruise? He sat down too hard. Why does Bud beer always...

submitted by rfreed, 27 February 2013

Even More CEO Jokes (Why Are They Such A Source Of Constant Inspiration?)

CEO JOKES 3- WHY DO THEY SEEM TO BE AN ENDLESS SOURCE OF MATERIAL? What is the difference between a CEO and a vulture? Vultures fly and al least have the decency to wait until you die to eat you. -- Why is...

submitted by rfreed, 20 August 2012

More CEO Jokes (because they are harder to squish than cockroaches)

Why is the nickname for CEOs Deepwater Horizon? Because they leave an oily trail behind them wherever they go. If you are in a life raft with a beautiful super model and a CEO and one has to be thrown over...

submitted by rfreed, 02 May 2012

Snowboarder Jokes

Why do snowboarders not use ski poles? It feels more natural for them to push themselves along the ground using their knuckles. -- Why do snowboarders not use helmets? There isnt that much to protect in the...

submitted by rfreed, 02 May 2012

Blond God Jokes

Why did the blond God make men hornier than women? So theyd have something else to think about other than NASCAR and football. Why did the blond God create so many religions? To keep the population down. He knew...

submitted by rfreed, 10 March 2010

Even More Blond Ann Coulter Jokes.

Why does Ann Coulter call security whenever liberals are in the area around her house? Because her flying monkeys are busy doing other chores for her. How many liberals can Ann Coulter devour at one sitting?...

submitted by rfreed, 04 January 2010

CEO Jokes (You Know They Deserve Them)

Why did the CEO sell his grandmother? He wanted to get rid of her before depreciation lowered her value any more. Why did the CEO want to have a child? He figured it would be a good hedge against inflation and it...

submitted by rfreed, 20 December 2009

Once Upon A Time in Moscow.

This is a real joke told to me by a real Russian- A long line had formed outside the meat market near Red Square as it did every day. As usual the customers waiting there were patient, although today a strain of...

submitted by rfreed, 02 December 2009

Blond Ann Coulter Jokes

Why did God make Ann Coulter Blond? So you would know ahead of time what to expect when you first met her. Why do male Republicans not have a problem with Ann Coulter being blond? Because they know she is smart enough...

submitted by rfreed, 23 November 2009

Even Though You Didn't Ask For It, Here Are Yet More 'Blond James Bond Jokes'

Why did the blond James Bond get thrown from his auto? He accidentally had the ejection seat mounted on the drivers side. How many blond James Bonds does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three- one to hold the bulb,...

submitted by rfreed, 04 March 2009

More Blond James Bond Jokes

Blond bombshell Daniel Craig has survived his first outing as the super British spy and, being blond, has come back for more. In retaliation, here are more blond James Bond jokes. Why did the blond James bond screw up all...

submitted by rfreed, 26 January 2009

Blond James Bond Jokes

A dastardly plot to undermine the success of the new James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig has been discovered. Craig, being blond and one of the few actual Britishers to play the super agent, has been openly mocked by jokes...

submitted by rfreed, 16 December 2008
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