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The Real Estate Agent

A gentleman was walking a long a row of shops, one particular business caught his eye, it was a Real Estate agency. It had a large sign outside the store saying Come in for a free appraisal The gentleman thought why not, he entered the store and saw a businessman with a phone cradled to each ear and...

submitted by Egganface, 05 December 2014

The Boy Stood on the Deck

There was a young boy called Paul who loved to visit his father who was the Captain of a large sailing ship. The boys favourite thing he liked to do was stand on the forward deck and look...

submitted by Egganface, 16 July 2012

Mary Had a Lamb

There was once a little shepherd herder called Mary Blowfly who a beautiful flock of sheep. There was one little lamb who was Marys favourite...

submitted by Egganface, 16 July 2012

My First Time

Two men were drinking at a bar and were reminiscing about their first time they loss their virginity, the first man said He was 15 and it was with an older woman....

submitted by Egganface, 07 July 2012

I won

A young English man was on holiday in France and couldnt speak any French and met up with a young pretty English girl and they decided to have a romantic night. The English lad saw a French chemist and went inside to buy some condoms but the chemist couldnt speak any English, so the young lad tried everything to communicate with the chemist....

submitted by Egganface, 06 July 2012

Falling brick

A young man who stammered applied for a job on a construction site that was building a high rise apartment. He met with the supervisor who gave him the job of working at the top of the thirty storey building, the mans job was to yell out...

submitted by Egganface, 06 July 2012


Hilda the German rabbit was hopping through the forest one day and saw twelve Australian rabbits hopping towards her. Hilda was a little frightened and stop to let the rabbits...

submitted by Egganface, 06 July 2012

Does It Stick To Your Fur?

Henry the bear and his best friend Hoppy rabbit went for a stroll through the forest and had a lovely picnic by the lake. Suddenly Henry bear said I need to do a poo And Hoppy rabbit said I need to go as well The best friends went into the bushes...

submitted by Egganface, 06 July 2012

Aren't you a bit old for this?

An old woman, who was senile, loved boiled sweets and as it was the Second World War the boiled sweets were hard to find. One day while walking through the city she saw a line of women going into a building, being senile she thought it was a line for buying boiled sweets. She joined the...

submitted by Egganface, 06 July 2012

Drug store

A chemist was working hard one day fill out drug prescriptions, he saw a man roaming around the chemist shelves when the man finely got to the counter...

submitted by Egganface, 06 July 2012

Hop in

A man with three eyes, no arms and one leg was standing on a street corner, and he had a sign hanging around his neck saying Please give...

submitted by Egganface, 06 July 2012

Say milk, milk, milk milk

Its amazing what the human brain does when its put to a test with limited information and having to reply quickly to a question. Test this...

submitted by Egganface, 04 July 2012

Are you a flicker, licker or sticker

Henry was a proud new member of the Australian chapter of the Adelaide Nose Picking Club and was talkng to another new member about how it was always his...

submitted by Egganface, 04 July 2012

What is a square root

Johnny was a day-dreamer who had trouble paying attention in maths classes. This day was no different, he was looking out the window when the maths teacher...

submitted by Egganface, 04 July 2012
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