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Two fast food industry CEO discussing their products

1st Fast Food CEO: See this pink goop, this is what we use to make the food with. It saves us a ton of money....

submitted by alassandra2000, 10 July 2012

Counterfeiters or The US government?

Here is the difference between counterfeiters and The United States government:...

submitted by alassandra2000, 29 November 2011

Online Life vs Real Life Reality Check

Husband says to Wife: I just dont understand why you are always on the computer all the time....

submitted by alassandra2000, 29 November 2011

Two Texans Discussing State Of The Country

Texan #1: Ive decided that I am going to defect from the United States....

submitted by alassandra2000, 23 November 2011

Two Wall Street banker CEOs bailing themselves out of a sinking boat

Banker #1: Just remember one very important thing, okay?...

submitted by alassandra2000, 18 November 2011

How The US Jobs Creation Process Works

First Button Pusher...

submitted by alassandra2000, 30 October 2011

4 Rich Guys discuss 12-21-2012

Rich guy #1: So where have you all decided to go for the disaster?...

submitted by alassandra2000, 26 October 2011

Two Engineers on a boat with the President

Two engineers are travelling on a ship on the ocean with the President. The ship begins to take on water, and the engineers are at a loss about how to fix it....

submitted by alassandra2000, 20 October 2011

Mainstream Media Baffled By Protesters

A group of mainstream reporters get together and talk about the protesters....

submitted by alassandra2000, 13 October 2011

Short Jokes in One

The Mayor is considering charging the protesters monthly rent for sleeping in the parks every night....

submitted by alassandra2000, 12 October 2011

Police and Others Make Their Own Signs For Protesters

Mayor: You may protest anywhere that you like...but only if you have the proper permits....

submitted by alassandra2000, 12 October 2011

Stockbroker's Exploitation of Steve Job's Death

Stockbroker #1: There must have been over twenty thousand of them! They were everywhere, filling the streets, having a great time; beating drums, talking with each other, laughing. Im telling you, it...

submitted by alassandra2000, 08 October 2011

The "Sea" Of Protesters and a group of Stockbrokers

Stockbroker #1: there I was, all by myself, facing a sea of protesters. I tell you, as far as the eye could see, they stretched down the streets. To the left of me, to the right of... Stockbroker...

submitted by alassandra2000, 08 October 2011

Presidential Groundhog Day

A group of mainstream media reporters are gathered around a hole in the ground. Reporter #1: (Speaking in hushed tones) Much like waiting for the ground hog to pop its head up so we will know that it is...

submitted by alassandra2000, 08 October 2011

Four banker presidents talking about Occupy Wall Street:

Banker #1: I am really worried about our personal safety with all those pesky protesters down on Wall Street. Banker #2: I know, I heard that the president of the major bank in Iceland had to flee the country...

submitted by alassandra2000, 07 October 2011

A Representative of the major banks has a sit down meeting with the President.

Mr. President, we need to discuss the money that the American people owe us. How much is it up to? The President asks. Well, sir, its almost two hundred billion. Here is two hundred and four billion. Thank you...

submitted by alassandra2000, 07 October 2011

Mayor Talks about Protesters Costing Taxpayers Money

Interviewer: So you are saying, then, that these protesters are costing the city taxpayers money? Mayor: Yes, they are. Interviewer: How much money would you say that they have cost the city so far? Mayor: About...

submitted by alassandra2000, 07 October 2011
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