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Obama flies over Iceland Volcano

While on state business in Europe President Obama asked for the Marine One Helicopter to fly over the volcano in Iceland. They got over Ireland and had near engine failure from the...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 25 April 2010

Patty and Mike comfort a sick Friend

Two Irishmen, Patty and Mike, enter an old boarding house to comfort a sick friend who is not expected to live. They have to climb to the top floor on a narrow twisting staircase....

submitted by Mr Dovie, 07 April 2010

Old Scotsman to Wife

An old Scotsman was at his wifes side as she was laid in bed not expected to live out the night. Now Aggie, dinny mind what the doctor said, youre a strong lassie, but...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 26 March 2010

Lone Ranger to Tonto, "I heard you went to Yale".

Yes Kimosabe, me went to Yale. Lone Ranger, What was your...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 18 March 2010

Guy from New York asks Canadian fans...

A guy from New York asked Canadian fans what they would do if they got a gold medal. Wed...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 01 March 2010

Castle Under Siege

A medieval castle was under siege for months by the Saracens when the king heard that there...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 24 February 2010

Would be Job Applicant

The head of human resources was looking over a young fellows resume, I see in your last job you say you had 2,500 people...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 23 February 2010

Old Coot makes demands of The Spoof

An old Coot writing for The Spoof demands to be able to UP the score, by voting for his own stories...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 22 February 2010

No Chocolate!

A lady pulls up to the take out window and asks for a chocolate milk shake. The guy at the window says, Im sorry mam, but we have no chocolate. Would you like strawberry or vanilla? She replies, Oh yes, Id like a cheese burger with that chocolate shake. Again he says, Im sorry mam, but we have no chocolate. Would you like strawberry or vanilla? Again she adds, Can I get a small order of...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 22 February 2010

Knights on a Mission

Two knights were sent out during the Crusades to find the shortest route to the Holy Land. On the way in a narrow valley they came to a great wall with a huge gate, unable to pass, they sounded a trumpet to see if a gate keeper would answer. Just then, a woman the size of King Kong looked over the wall and asked, What...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 20 February 2010

Old French joke.. so old it's new?

A rather unkempt Frenchman passes a gendarme on the street and asks, Pardon me monsieur, is it illegal to call a gendarme a jackass?. Yes, it certainly is., said the policeman. But monsieur, is it illegal...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 19 February 2010

I think they want rid of me!

Two preachers were sitting in a restaurant talking about their congregations, when one said, I think my deacon board wants rid of me....

submitted by Mr Dovie, 19 February 2010

Nipsey Russell quote: How True!

Nipsey Russell once said, The opposite of pro is con, This fact is plainly...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 18 February 2010

Just a trace of garlic...

Chef Don Carlos was showing how to prepare a fine Mexican dish when he announced, This dish calls for a trace of garlic......

submitted by Mr Dovie, 17 February 2010

Judge Judy ruins Egyptian Exhibit

Did you hear what happened when Judge Judy Sheindlin visited the King Tut Exhibit?...

submitted by Mr Dovie, 17 February 2010
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