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Branded the Battle of Bitter Creek ( LA River ) ?

He was innocent not a charge was true ? marked with a cowards shame, but the world will never know ? Where ever you go for the rest of your life you must prove your a man, or a woman ?...

submitted by mancalledhorsemanure, 23 June 2010

Hells Angels or Big Busts ?

You know I was passing by a roadside bar where there were a lot of those old Harley Davidson motorcycles you hear so much about like in movies like the Wild Ones, with Marlon Brando, and Lee Marvin, where...

submitted by mancalledhorsemanure, 06 June 2010

Senora's Madres

I was talking to an Italian lady one day where I had mentioned how the Leno and Letterman shows were not as good as Johnny Carsons Tonight show when she replied Leno and Letterman just do not have the...

submitted by mancalledhorsemanure, 26 April 2010

Adolf Hitler

A black gal withseveral younger black males who got out of car to go inside a local liquor store to by cigars which they take out the tobacco and replace with Marijuana of which they call Blunts, Called...

submitted by mancalledhorsemanure, 21 March 2010

007 Her Majesty's Secret Service ?

I was talking to an Arab friend who said to me Martini Masari, of which I asked whats Martini Masari, and he replied Give me your money, of wich I replied Martini Masari, and he replied Martini Tarsi, of which I replied Martini Tarsi ?and he replied Give me your ass, of which time I replied Martini Tarsi, and...

submitted by mancalledhorsemanure, 21 March 2010

Blazzing Saddle II

While cleaning up my yard yesterday I had thrown my old Cavalry Saddle on top of the old Barbeque, and at the end of the day shoveling manure I jumped up in the saddle and sang He Rode a Blazzing Saddle...

submitted by mancalledhorsemanure, 13 March 2010

Obama Care

Well I just listened to the news last night while busing tables and washing dishes at an undisclosed wine and dine when I hear some guy from Cuba blame it was the US Navy for the acts of torture at Gitmo...

submitted by mancalledhorsemanure, 26 February 2010

El Toro

I went to the local Mexican market to get a pound of hamburger for Momma as she was 86 for buying things like Fabuloso, floor cleaner for me as she thought it was soda pop by the pretty colors as well...

submitted by mancalledhorsemanure, 25 February 2010

No Show for Dooty !

Today my gals kids complained that their Time - Warner Cable would be cut off if they did not pay the past balance due.So as the grandbaby was telling me to go away I hate you, I went down and paid their...

submitted by mancalledhorsemanure, 10 February 2010

Bruin's or Trojan's ?

I had just told a friend that I preferred KUSC Classical Radio to his Sex, Dugs, and Rock and Roll of UCLA, for which he gave me the Finger ! Could this gesture be a wedding proposal, or is he angry because I would rather have safe sex with a Trojan, than to have pre- marital sex with a Bear, as the State of California the land of Fruits and Nuts, and the new same sex marriages of San Franciscos mayors office and the state legeslature against the Govenator Arnold who I hear they all so give the...

submitted by mancalledhorsemanure, 05 February 2010

Blazing Saddles

Theres a new sheriff in town and his name is B.O., not B.A.R.T. ( BAY AREA RAPID TRANSIT ), he rode a Blazing Saddle and wore a Silver Star! So Mr. President while your receiving a Nobel prize for sending 30 thousand more Americans to Harms Way, I just wanted to point out from your picture when you were at the desk when you decided it looked good on paper (toilet paper) that I noticed you were chewing on the eraser on your pencil. Must be a habit you picked up from school, but anyone who could ruin...

submitted by mancalledhorsemanure, 07 December 2009
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