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Colorado Needs Some of That White Stuff

Some of the ski resorts located in The Rocky Mountain State of Colorado are reporting that they do not have enough snow to accommodate the winter seasons snow...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 01 January 2013

Warning: A San Diego Zoo Giraffe Has Escaped

San Diego zoo officials have just informed the news media that one of their giraffes has somehow managed to escape out of its escape-proof giraffe cage. A spokesperson for...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 31 December 2012

President Obama's New Stress-Free Announcement

President Barack Obama has just informed the White House Press Corps that he will be eliminating the Department of Stress as soon as possible....

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 24 December 2012

Lindsay Lohan To Star In A Donald Trump Reality TV Show

Donald Trump likes to pride himself at the fact that many of his close friends, relatives, and associates refer to him as the Modern Day P.T. Barnum when it comes to television. Trump who loves to hear himself talk more than anyone else...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 24 December 2012

Like Mother (Joan Rivers) Like Daughter (Melissa)

Joan Rivers daughter Melissa recently stated that she has the utmost respect for her mother and she would be proud and honored to follow in her footsteps. Melissa then thought...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 21 December 2012

An Amazing Money Saving Walmart Innovation

The worlds largest retail chain Walmart has just announced that in an effort to cut back on expenses its board of directors have decided to reduce its number...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 20 December 2012

The New Pudding Cliché Takes The Cake

The United States Library of Congress has just issued a nation-wide report stating that in the interest of better nutritional habits it has decided...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 20 December 2012

Sarah Palin's Perfume Flops Big Time

The worlds largest retain chain, Walmart, has just announced that it is in the process of removing its entire stock of Sarah Palins Eau Du Moose Perfume off their store...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 19 December 2012

The Reason Mitt Romney's Moving To Alaska

Mitt Romney says that he is planning on running for governor of Alaska in 2016. When asked why in the world he would want to do that, he grinned like the Colombian cat that swallowed...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 09 December 2012

Two and A Half Men To Change It's Title

In a shocking move 19-year-old Angus T. Jones, who portrays Jake Harper on the hit situation comedy show, Two and A Half Men has gone on line and called the show filth. He has stated that people should not watch the show and he pointed out that he really doesnt want to be on the sit com. The show, which...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 28 November 2012

Ron Paul To Run For President In 2016

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has already hinted that he plans on running for president in the 2016 presidential election. The 77-year-old politician stated to GOPicky Magazine that he will soon be taking...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 28 November 2012

Paul Ryan Reveals His Inner Feelings

Congressman Paul Ryan, who along with his GOP running mate Mitt Romney, was defeated in the presidential election by President Obama in a landslide vote was asked by a reporter for a national news publication what he will not miss about being on the presidential...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 15 November 2012

The Reason Selena Gomez Broke Up With Justin Bieber

There has been an awful lot of speculation as to what exactly caused Selena Gomez to end her relationship with fellow singer Justin Bieber. Many in the entertainment news media feel that she ended it because of the fact that due to their hectic...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 13 November 2012

Romney And The Truth

Well now that the United States presidential election is over and former GOP Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has been soundly defeated in a landslide vote...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 11 November 2012

Linday Lohan's Latest Amazing Excuse

Lindsay Lohan continues to find herself on the front pages of most entertainment media publications due to her uncontrolled actions. She has been involved in automobile accidents, shopliftings, Twitter attacks, and argumentative discussions with her own mom that escalated...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 11 November 2012

Mitt Romney's Big Political Turnaround

Mitt Romney is still very upset and despondent at having lost the presidential election to President Obama by a landslide vote. He reportedly confided...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 09 November 2012

Miley Cyrus Has Political Aspirations

Nineteen-year-old Miley Cyrus has stated that she would eventually like to run for governor of the state of California. She revealed that some of the priorities on her political platform agenda would include the...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 08 November 2012

Ron Paul Calls Up Mitt Romney

An hour after Mitt Romney made his concession speech and thanked the Americans who voted for him he received a call from Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. The 77-year-old reminded Romney how he had laughed at him,...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 07 November 2012

Paris Hilton Shows Her Ditsy Side Big Time

Paris Hilton recently appeared on The View and told Barbara Walters that she wants to be taken more seriously. The Hollywood celebutante went on to say that her goal is to somehow find a way to raise...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 06 November 2012

Mitt Romney Says Yes To Dora The Explorer

Mitt Romney has stated that whether he wins or loses the presidential election he has decided to accept the offer from the producers of the childrens animated television...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 06 November 2012

Mitt Romney May Star In A Muppets Movie

Mitt Romney has stated that if he loses the presidential election that he will agree to appear in a TouchRock Motion Picture film where he will...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 03 November 2012

President Obama and His New BFF Governor Chris Christie

President Obama says that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is his new BFF and the governor remarked that the feeling is mutual. The president has promised...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 02 November 2012

New For Christmas 2012 - Barbie Mommy

The latest in the series of Barbie Dolls will be hitting the store shelves pretty soon just in time for Christmas. New for this holiday season will be the new doll Barbie Mommy....

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 15 September 2012

Dating Home Runs Are Getting Harder

A recent dating survey which was conducted by The United States Dating Amalgamated Research Study Program has revealed that 80 percent of American...

submitted by Abel Rodriguez, 15 September 2012
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