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Paint Job

I wanted to get my porch painted and engaged a local man who did odd jobs....

submitted by j.w., 05 August 2013

Sexual discrimination dealt a blow

Recently I went to America and found I had spent all my money and needed cash quick....

submitted by j.w., 05 August 2013

I Managed Not To Laugh

I went with my wife to this airfield where you could get rides on old planes. I asked how much it would cost and was told it was £50 for half an hour....

submitted by j.w., 04 August 2013

How to deal with the Police

Questioned after driving in a Bus lane....

submitted by j.w., 20 June 2013


Grandpa, whats a lobby?...

submitted by j.w., 04 June 2013


I was in a hurry to get home so I drove in the Bus Lane....

submitted by j.w., 01 June 2013


I was driving along the motorway at a bit over the limit when I noticed a police car in pursuit....

submitted by j.w., 01 June 2013

How to annoy your father

Dad: Can you get me a drink?...

submitted by j.w., 01 June 2013

Religious Upbringing

Two young priests are discussing marriage and one says to the other: I believe in the sanctity of marriage so I never slept with my wife until I got married. How about you?...

submitted by j.w., 29 May 2013


A well armed hooded Mugger stopped a well dressed,affluent man on a Mayfair street and shouted: Give me your money!...

submitted by j.w., 29 May 2013


This lady had two parrots who kept saying to each other Hey, lovely come and have some fun with me....

submitted by j.w., 24 May 2013

Generous Banker

A person trying to raise money to help the local community approached a Banker....

submitted by j.w., 24 May 2013

If I die

The wife asked her husband: If I die before you would you remarry?...

submitted by j.w., 24 May 2013

No Smell

This old lady went to the Doctor and explained her problem:...

submitted by j.w., 12 May 2013

I Can't Believe It!

Two women meet in the Supermarket....

submitted by j.w., 09 May 2013

Knock knock

Knock Knock...

submitted by j.w., 06 May 2013


A girl noticed she was growing hair between her legs so she asked her mother about it....

submitted by j.w., 04 May 2013

A Difficult Decision

I was called into the Bosss Office and I knew it was bad news....

submitted by j.w., 04 May 2013

A Last Wish

A plane got into trouble and was clearly going to crash. A young woman decided she wanted a last wish and quickly removed all her clothes....

submitted by j.w., 04 May 2013

Olympic Condoms

I discovered a really good set of condoms for sale called Olympic Condoms. They were in three colours - naturally Gold, Silver and Bronze...

submitted by j.w., 04 May 2013

Too Good To Be True

I met this bloke who had recently been to London....

submitted by j.w., 04 May 2013


My Boss asked everyone into his office. There was a big poster behind him exclaiming...

submitted by j.w., 24 April 2013


A husband rang his wife to tell he had been invited by his boss to go with him on a fishing trip. This would be helpful in putting him in line for promotion....

submitted by j.w., 22 April 2013

Bird Brains

Two young blokes who are out the impress their girl friends go into a pet shop and ask if they can buy two budgies....

submitted by j.w., 21 April 2013
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