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Cliff Richard and the cyber stalker

The 72 year-old singer is bringing out a 21st century version of his 1959 hit Living Doll after some horrible experiences on blogging sites....

submitted by queen mudder, 04 September 2013

George W Bush the Artist

The Queen gets a phone call from George W Bush, retired former US President and now an accomplished dog portraitist....

submitted by queen mudder, 03 September 2013

Jimmy Savile vampire club

The pervy old entertainer almost missed being initiated into the Dracula Club at New Yorks Vampire Stake Building in 69....

submitted by queen mudder, 31 August 2013

J K Rowling, readers' digest

The world of publishing is holding its breath at the news that J K Rowling has got a new book coming out next week, and apparently its another real corker....

submitted by queen mudder, 27 August 2013

Kosher whales

After officiating at the Silverstein babys bris ritual one afternoon Rabbi Goldblum took his young grandson to see the new Orca whale at their local SeaWorld marine park....

submitted by queen mudder, 25 August 2013

Adele Adkins' bra

The Oscar-winning singer has signed up to model for leading underwear brand Victorias Secret....

submitted by queen mudder, 24 August 2013

Queen's gas meeter and greeter

Queen Elizabeth called in a dog psychologist after one of her pooches deliberately started passing gas at state occasions....

submitted by queen mudder, 23 August 2013

Jimmy Savile school daze

The old perv was caught boasting about how hed been to top Brit boys public school Eton....

submitted by queen mudder, 21 August 2013

Fancy dress

The Obamas are guests of honor at a costume party in the Marthas Vineyard holiday home of a big Dem backer....

submitted by queen mudder, 14 August 2013

Jimmy Savile the nature lover

The old rogue used to like taking the kids out on nature walks to learn about birds and bees and stuff....

submitted by queen mudder, 12 August 2013

Nicotine patch

Hackers have been blamed for doctoring a NHS smoking helplines pre-recorded digital advice dealing with callers worries....

submitted by queen mudder, 09 August 2013

Feng Shui

The final straw in Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchis 10-year marriage came when the TV cook hired a psychic feng shui therapist to dowse the root of her matrimonial problems....

submitted by queen mudder, 08 August 2013

Jimmy Savile the fundraiser

Out-takes from a documentary about the entertainers life are shedding new light on his charitable agenda....

submitted by queen mudder, 04 August 2013

Rupert Murdoch's divorce

A Manhattan divorce judge has torn up the prenup signed by Murdochs third wife Wendi Deng after agreeing with her lawyers that it was the meanest, most tight-fisted penny-pinching marriage contract hed...

submitted by queen mudder, 02 August 2013

Bernie Ecclestone's divorce

The five foot tall F1 businessman was always a bit worried about getting married to wife No 2, a 6ft 2ins Croatian fashion model called Slavica. Sure I was nervous, Ecclestone admitted, it was the wedding...

submitted by queen mudder, 30 July 2013

Emotional baggage

A barman has pleaded with the cocktail bar manager about being sacked after arriving over three hours late for the evening shift. Sorry, boss, Hungarian national Fabian Gabor said to his employer, but I had...

submitted by queen mudder, 29 July 2013

Mrs Putin spills the beans

The loyal, long-suffering, ex-wife of Russias President Vlad The Impaler Putin has finally snapped and given reporters a brief glimpse into the divorce that ended the couples 30-year marriage. The last straw...

submitted by queen mudder, 28 July 2013

Till Death Us Do Part Russian-Style

Russian police have interviewed a Moscow man about the mysterious death of his wife of 30 years after finding her mummified corpse in the couples apartment. I tell you I am completely innocent, Dmitry Hackov...

submitted by queen mudder, 27 July 2013

Jimmy Savile the philanthropisst

The wily old rascal was interviewed about one of his pet charities which provides IVF treatments for the infertile. Jim, is it true that youre conducting research into cross-species fertilization? a young reporter...

submitted by queen mudder, 21 July 2013

God and periods

When God made the first man and woman he made sure his First Couple understood about where babies come from. Adam, He said, youll need to leave the Missus to her own devices for five days every month. Adam readily...

submitted by queen mudder, 14 July 2013

Jimmy Savile social climber

The old rogue once told reporters how after years of being blackballed by the Establishment he was eventually accepted at a top knobs Members Only club. Apparently membership of Mayfairs exclusive Fistings nighterie...

submitted by queen mudder, 13 July 2013

Da Vinci Code the Musical

On the Da Vinci Codes 100th anniversary the Pearly Gates Operatic Society in Heaven is staging a musical based on Dan Browns famous book. God the Father is said to be fine with the idea but St Peter thinks the shows...

submitted by queen mudder, 09 July 2013

Bill Clinton's vegan diet

Bill Clinton goes to see his doctor complaining of a huge pain in the ass. The physician pokes him with various instruments before deciding to send the ex-Prez for a MRI scan. Half an hour later the results come back...

submitted by queen mudder, 09 July 2013

Prince Harry

The ginger fire-cracker has been invited to a fancy dress party at the Kremlin but hasnt got a clue what to wear. Eventually he decides to fly the flag for Britain and turns up wearing only a pair of David Beckham Y-Fronts....

submitted by queen mudder, 08 July 2013
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