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Space Station surveillance report

The ISS has apologised about its malfunctioning eye-in-the-sky....

submitted by queen mudder, 20 July 2014

Law school

A Southern law school recruiter at a New York jobs fair invites 100 graduates to apply for fast tracking to an exclusive course....

submitted by queen mudder, 26 June 2014

Clinton, Biden, Obama and now George Dubya Bush plead poverty

Thats nothing, Dubya said tonight after President Barack Obama told TV viewers he and Michelle were so strapped for cash they had to resort to twice monthly payday loans....

submitted by queen mudder, 24 June 2014

Irish Piss Process

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams walks into Antrim Police Station saying he wants to make a statement about Boston Colleges oral hysteries concerning The IRA....

submitted by queen mudder, 06 May 2014

Putin's new wife

Gorgeous former Olympic rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabaeva is giving Party Wives an anatomy lecture about the importance of toning up abdominal muscles after the birth of a baby....

submitted by queen mudder, 07 April 2014

Joe Biden on Valerie Jarrett

President Obamas senior adviser for Pubic Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs is NOT dating NBC personality Ahmad Rashad, Vice President Joe Biden said today....

submitted by queen mudder, 16 March 2014

Jimmy Savile and royal advice

The old perv once told Prince Philip he found older women absolutely terrifying and the thought of shagging one gave him panic attacks....

submitted by queen mudder, 13 March 2014

Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov

His mother knew as soon as he was born Pussy Riot singer Putina Klitoriskaya said, thats why she called him Sir Gay....

submitted by queen mudder, 03 March 2014

Monica Lewinsky marriage proposal

The ex-White House intern says she got the shock of her life when Utahs former Attorney General asked her to marry him....

submitted by queen mudder, 28 February 2014

Yum, Chernobyl!

Vladimir Putin telephones Ukraines acting president demanding to know what hes planning for the defunct Chernobyl nuclear plant....

submitted by queen mudder, 27 February 2014

Monica Lewinsky turns vegan

Aides of Hillary Clinton are impressed that the former White House interns tastes have merged with the ex-Presidents after she published a new cookbook, Cheap Easy Vegan Cuisine....

submitted by queen mudder, 18 February 2014

Roman Abramovich

Billionaire oligarch Roman Abramovich is summoned to the Kremlin amid reports he made Vladimir Putins rhythmic gymnastics girlfriend Alina Kabaeva pregnant with twins....

submitted by queen mudder, 06 February 2014

Another oligarch divorce

A Moscow divorce court has heard how a simple language misunderstanding was at the root of oligarch Maksim de Pissov divorcing his wife of seven years Tamara Wildoo....

submitted by queen mudder, 30 January 2014

Jimmy Savile and A Fistful of Dull Ass

The creepy old paedo once auditioned for the lead role in a pervy new version of the famous 1964 film starring Clint Eastwood....

submitted by queen mudder, 25 January 2014

Governor Chris Christie

New Jerseys answer to the Stay Puft marshmallow man has revealed his Plan B in case an anticipated White House 2016 presidential tilt doesnt quite work out:...

submitted by queen mudder, 09 January 2014

Oprah Winfrey's gastric band

The billionaire TV personality has opened up about one very well endowed ex-boyfriends reaction to her gastric surgery and the effect it had on their carnal relationship....

submitted by queen mudder, 09 December 2013

Rev Paul Flowers

The disgraced former preacher and ex-Co-Op bank chairman has blamed religion for revelations about his sordid drug use....

submitted by queen mudder, 19 November 2013

Xmas Crackers

Father Christmas was in a nostalgic retro mood and decided to put classic Brit vintage cars inside the Xmas stockings of some of the nations Good, Bad and Ugly....

submitted by queen mudder, 12 November 2013

Chris Christie

Barack Obama rings Chris Christie to congratulate him on his re-election as Governor of New Jersey....

submitted by queen mudder, 06 November 2013

Jimmy Savile and Ray the Ferret

Jimmy Saviles ex-flatmate and driver Ray The Ferret came home one day clutching a little skunk....

submitted by queen mudder, 26 October 2013


Police have caught some hookers working as pole dancers and top knobs escorts while claiming the dole and sponging off the state....

submitted by queen mudder, 28 September 2013

Samantha Lewthwaite

Twelve months after failing a Beeb Telly Tubbies audition the suspected Nairobi mall massacre terrorist got a call from talent scouts asking if shed managed to slim down a bit...

submitted by queen mudder, 26 September 2013

Mary Beard

Cambridge University classics professor Mary beard has been kicked off a Time Team Special after falling out with Tony Robinson....

submitted by queen mudder, 24 September 2013

Liz Hurley dumps Shane Warne

The Oz cricketer has split up with fiance Liz Hurley after the couple had a terrible row....

submitted by queen mudder, 22 September 2013
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