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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wife: How long is it since I first asked you to paint this room?

Husband: I'm doing it now.

It must be at least a year.


You're not wearing that shirt are you?

Why not?

Because I will be the one who has to wash it if you get paint on it.

OK - Ill put an old one on.

I'll get one for you. You won't know where they are. It's been a year since you last used it - you'll have forgotten where it is.

Thank you, my dear.

Don't 'my dear' me. I know all about your sarcasm.


Husband: Where's the paint?

Wife: I'll get it. I put it away so we didn't fall over it.

Wife returns with the paint and departs.

Husband alone starts to paint muses: I can't think why I don't experience the pleasures of decorating more often.

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