The Pig with the Wooden Leg

Submitted by Gulo_Gulo

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Monday, 15 September 2008

I was out walking one day and this pig with a wooden leg ran across the road in front of me and on up to this pig farmer's house.

I walked up there and asked the pig farmer about that pig I saw.

He said "Yessir that is a very special pig." He went on to explain how he and his family were asleep one night when a fire started in the house and the pig came in, ran upstairs squealing and woke them all up!

"Yessir, that there pig saved all our lives and the house - he's somethin special he is!"

I said "Well that's amazing but it doesn't explain why he has a wooden leg."

He said "Well shoot, maaaan, you cain't just eat a special pig like that all at once."

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