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Saturday, 26 June 2010

A primary school teacher turns to her class and says; "As a treat, if you can tell me where you went at the weekend and whom with, and, spell it, I will let you go home early"

Little Mary puts her hand up; "Miss, I went to the park with my Mum"

"And can you spell park Mary"

"P-A-R-K". The teacher lets her go.

Next, little Paul puts his hand up; "Miss, I went to the zoo wiv my Uncle"

"And can you spell Zoo"?

"Z-O-O" The teacher lets him go.

Little Johnny stands up and says; "Me, me Mum, me Dad, Me auntie, uncle, nan, grandad all went to the beach"
"And can you spell beach"?

"B-E-A-C-H" The teacher says goood bye.

The only black boy in the class stands up and the teacher says to him;

"What did you do at the weekend Joseph"?

"Well miss, I was supposed to be goin to the beach wiv Johnny and his family, but they said they didn't want any niggers goin wiv them"

The teacher looks stunned, and angry; "That is terrible Joseph, it is a clear case of racial discrimination, now tell me, Joseph, can you spell, racial discrimination"?

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