The Diesel Fitter Joke

Submitted by Barwood

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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Paddy and Mick worked together in Leeds, were both laid off.

So they went to the unemployment office. When asked his occupation Paddy answered Panty Stitcher I sew elastic onto ladies panties and thongs.

The clerk looked up Panty Stitcher on his computer and said thats an unskilled job you can have £80 a week.

Mick went in and when asked his occupation said Diesel Fitter. Since Diesel Fitter was a skilled job he would be paid £160 a week.

When Paddy found out how much Mick was getting he went back to find out why.

The clerk said A Panty Sitcher is an unskilled job and a Diesel Fitter is a skilled job.

What skill yelled Paddy I sew da elastic on da panties and thongs and Mick puts them over his head and says

Yep diesel fitter.

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