Adolf Hitler

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Sunday, 21 March 2010

A black gal withseveral younger black males who got out of car to go inside a local liquor store to by cigars which they take out the tobacco and replace with Marijuana of which they call " Blunts," Called me " Hitler," as I was wearing an old US Army Green Beret as I was smoking a cigarette and drinking a Doctor Pepper thinking of an old friend named "Skip," who had gotten stabbed during a beer run at that same store. Well I ignored her as she kept saying " Hitler," as I rode off on my Schwinn bicycle...

Well for one I never heard of Adolf Hitler ever riding a Schwinn bicycle let alone drinking Dr.Pepper, and the next time someone calls me Adolf I'm going to do just like those soldiers did in the movie " Stalag 17," where they used their combs as mustaches and yelled " Sig Heil ! "

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