Bruin's or Trojan's ?

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Friday, 5 February 2010

I had just told a friend that I preferred KUSC Classical Radio to his Sex, Dug's, and Rock and Roll of UCLA, for which he gave me the " Finger ! " Could this gesture be a wedding proposal, or is he angry because I would rather have safe sex with a " Trojan," than to have pre- marital sex with a " Bear," as the State of California the land of " Fruit's and Nut's," and the new same sex marriages of San Francisco's mayors office and the state legeslature against the Govenator Arnold who I hear they all so give the " Finger," makes the Spoof Standards ( STD's ), and journalism all most hard to believe that most of my commentaries are not published in the first place ? So to all you Editorial Administrator's or UCLA Alumni, and Alma Matter I say to the Laker's like Magic " No Glove No Love," just like Lesli Neilson ( Detective Frank Drubin of Police Squad ), did in his love seen with Precilla Presley, in the move " Naked Gun ! " update : recently a football player in the news from USC " Prophylactic or Condominimum ?"

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