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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Japanese businessman/tourist takes a taxi at Honolulu airport for a 30-minute ride to his Waikiki Beach hotel. On the way he sees a hospital building being built.

"Driver," says the Japanese businessman, "how long now hospital build?"

"It's been six months since groundbreaking, " answers the local driver.

"Six months? Why too long?" inquires the Japanese businessman. "In Japan, three weeks building finish. Japan very very fast!"

They pass a shopping mall halfway finished.

"Driver, how long shopping mall build?"

"About a year now..."

"Too long. In Japan, six weeks ready. Japan very very fast!"

The taxi reaches the hotel. The meter reads $686.95.

"Why too much?" the Japanese businessman complains.
The driver points at the taximeter and says: "Meter made in Japan. VERY VERY FAST!"

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