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Sunday, 24 December 2006

I wanted to go out on the town with my friend. My wife refused to let me go . She said I always came home a stinking mess after a night out.

She finally agreed to let me go after much debate and a promise not to come home as a stinking mess.

My friend and I started our evening of bar hopping and sure enough after 7 beers I barfed all over my shirt.

I was desperate and my friend said all I had to do was stick a twenty dollar bill in my top pocket and then tell the wife that someone else had thrown up on me and they had given me a twenty dollar bill for the dry cleaning bill.

We kept drinking and finally at 4 in the morning I staggered home.

My wife was waiting for me at the door with a roller pin in her hand and she screamed. "look at you - all a stinking mess just like I predicted.."

I said no honey , look in my pocket - there is a Twenty dollar bill put there by the man that barfed on my shirt to pay the dry cleaner ..

She reaches in and pulls out 2 twenty dollar bills and asks , " what is the second twenty dollar bill for ?"

And I replied , Oh yes , I forgot , my other friend - he crapped in my pants.

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