Crappiest Movie Ever! Ever!

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

"You remember that time we were about 8 years old and all of us went to the movie without our parents because we were too mature or didn't want other kids laughing at us?"

"That was a long long time ago."

"Yeah. But remember it was called "The Thing"!

"James Arness as a big plant."

"Well, we found that out later, Moleturd! We was all sitting there glued to our seats when that doorknob started turning and all of a sudden the door flew open and Little Jimmy Phillips let out a scream that cleared the building."

"Ha Ha Then everyone ran down the street and were all given a cussing from the theater manager because we had left some foul-smelling DNA evidence in most of our seats."

"Why did you bring that up, Purvey?"

"Well Moleturd, we been friends a long time. #1. I finally rented that old movie and watched it last night. And, #2, most appropriately, I have once again left some DNA evidence in my pants here at the pub. Will you go out the door right behind me?"

I.B. Moleturd

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