I Am Not Eating Cowshit !

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Monday, 12 August 2013

"I can't eat this. I can hardly look at it."

"YOU wanted a French dinner and you got one!"

"But, 'Roast Beef au Manure'. I thought it was a fancy sauce or something. Everybody is eating local produce these days."

"Well, cows are local. Thus the manure.."

"Is there a problem, Monsieur? How is the manure?"

"Like crap...Mon sewer!"

"Well, I suppose a Moleturd would know."

"Leave, before you get a fork in the balls."

"OK. I'll push the 'manure' away and eat the roast beef. Wonder if it came from the same cow?"

"Hush and eat. Now you're putting me off my food."

"You can have my 'manure'"


-I.B. Moleturd

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