Dead Meat

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I ordered a Dominoes Pizza with all the fixings the other night while watching the ballgame and suddenly there was this sound at the door. I waited to be sure and the sound got louder.

You may not believe this, but there at my door was a drone with my pizza! You had one of those? Kinda cute.

What wasn't cute was after I got the pizza and put money in the slot a little voice told me "Add a 20% tip or I'll explode!"

I was stunned. Then as I was looking for some more money it started a countdown. Just when it got to 15 and stated, "Lots of more dead meat on the pizza if you don't hurry", I found a couple more bills.

So be careful about ordering. I can't get rid of the thing. I can't even hide in the car. "Here's your pizza, Moleturd. Pay up or blow up!"

I.B. Moleturd

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