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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Basketball ace Dennis Rodman described today how he'd been warned about North Koreans and their pooches ahead of last week's trip to see Kim Jong-un.

'I was told to keep an eye out for dogs in Pyongyang,' Rodman admitted, 'apparently most of them are notoriously inbred - like in a sandwich or bagel or something...'

He took it up the matter with the North Korean leader who flatly denied the rumor and said he was a dog lover just like the rest of the nation.

The conversation then turned to women with Kim Jong-un cracking canine-themed jokes about his nuptials to winsome Pyongyang beauty Ri Sol-ju.

'He said his wife just loved doing it doggie-style,' Rodman explained.

'I guess he meant she makes him sit up and beg for it, heheh, along with the rest of them!'

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