Fourteen New TV Channels

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

1. E4+24 Exactly the same programmes that were on yesterday, 24 hours later in case you missed.

2. E4 Bar None - The best of the best of E4

3. E4 All Bar One - A 24 hour channel filmed in a bar full of E4 presenters, actors and contributors.

4. E4 Weddings Plus One - A channel dedicated to programmes about wedding invitations and finding someone to take with you.

5. Morbid 4 - Channel dedicated to programmes about dying and death.

5. Fast Forward 4 - 4 days of programming squeezed into one day by playing programmes at four times the normal speed.

6. More Than 4 - A channel dedicated to programmes about insurance.

7. More Forfar - A channel dedicated to programmes about the Scottish town Forfar.

8. Morph 4 - A channel dedicated to programming about the children's tv character created by Tony Hart in the 1980s.

9. Bore 4 - All the most boring programmes from Channel 4 in one place.

10. He 4 - Channel 4 rival to Babestation. 10pm-6am nightly.
11. She 4 - A channel of soap operas, wedding programmes and cooking shows.
12. More E Film 4 - Channel dedicated to films about the extasty.
13. Me 4 - Your own personal Channel you programme via social networks and hashtags.
14. G4 - a channel about security at the Olympics and how it went wrong.

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