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Friday, 3 August 2012

A farmer in the 1950's set out for market telling his wife he would get in contact if he needed any help.

At the market, after a good look around, he found just what he wanted, a prize Bull.

The Bull cost him a £1000 and he realised he would have to get the truck from the farm so he could take the animal to his new home.

He went to send a telegram and wrote out the message: 'Darling- I have bought a prize bull can you come with the truck and trailer so we can get him back to the farm.'

The telegram operator said this would cost £1 a word and when the farmer looked in his pocket he found he had just £1 left.

So he asked if the Telegram could be just the word COMFORTABLE.

'How will your wife know what to do with this message?' asked the Operator.

'She reads very slowly - Com For Da Bul!'

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