The Exotic Pole Dancer

Submitted by Abel Rodriguez

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Monday, 30 July 2012

A newlywed couple soon learned that due to the state of the economy they could not really get by on just the husband's paycheck. One day the young, very attractive wife went out and got a job as an exotic pole dancer in a nearby strip lounge.

She did not know quite how to explain it to her husband fearing that he would be upset with her. She finally came out and told him that she was working as an exotic pole dancer.

Well the husband had a fit. He became very angry. He suddenly paused for a moment and asked, "Did you say that you're working as an exotic pole dancer?"

"Yes" came the wife's reply. "Oh, thank goodness" the husband remarked, "I thought that you had said that you were working as an erotic pole dancer."

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