A man goes into a pub......(2)

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Monday, 20 February 2012

and he had a dog under his arm.

"Kipper my dog is a performing dog and can do tricks for me." He commands the dog to beg, to stand on his head, to turn a summersault and lots of other cleaver things.

After the applause dies he says, "But! He will only do tricks for me, nobody else. I bet anyone $100.00 that they can't make him do something for them."

Several guys try to make the dog do a trick but, he just sits there and glares at them.

"I can make him do something," says an old man in the corner, "but make it $500.00."

"You're on," says our friend.

The old man comes over, picks up the dog, throws it on the fire and says,

"Get Off Kipper!"

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