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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I've got a new leaf blower. He doesn't charge much, and the trees look so much better when they're moving.

My garden rake is such a cad.

I got told to 'Pimp my garden' so I hoed it.

I put in a new flower bed. I think the duvet may be a step to far.

I couldn't afford the expensive bug spray, so it took me ages to paint the dots on those ladybirds by hand.

I used urine to get rid of a dandelion.
That's another way of putting it, yes.

I gave up building walls around my raised beds; it was hard landscaping.

I used punsies to make a stream of flowers.

It was difficult to flatten my sloping garden into different levels.
And plenty of blood and sweat, too!

I've got a Brazilian gardener. He only trims the bushes.

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