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Thursday, 14 July 2011

While waiting in line at the bank, a man developed a very loud case of the hiccups. By the time he reached the teller's window, the hiccups had gotten worse.

The teller took the man's check and proceeded to run a computer verification of his account. After a minute she looked up from her terminal. "I'm sorry but I can't cash this check," she said.

"Why not?" the man asked, incredulously.

The teller replied, "Apparently, our computer indicates that you do not have sufficient funds to cover this amount. As a matter of fact," she continued, "our records show your account overdrawn in excess of $5,000."

"It can't be!" he cried. "You have to be kidding!"

"Yes, I am," she answered with a smile, counting out his cash. "But please notice that your hiccups are gone!"

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