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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

11) Waiter, there is a small slug in this lettuce!
I'm sorry sir, would you like me to get you a bigger one?

12) Waiter, is there soup on this menu?
No, madam I wiped it off earlier!

13) Waiter, this egg is bad!
Don't blame me sir, I only laid the table!

14) Waiter, there is a cockroach on my steak!
They don't seem to care what they eat do they sir!

15) Waiter, there is a spider drowning in my soup!
It hardly looks deep enough to drown in sir!

16) Waiter, there's a maggot on my breakfast!
No no Sir, that's your sausage!

17) Waiter, there is a fly in the butter!
Yes sir, it's a butterfly!

18) Waiter, there is a bee in my alphabet soup!
Yes sir, you'll find an A, C and all the other letters too!

19) Waiter, there is fly in my soup!
Don't worry madam, go ahead and eat it, there are plenty more!

20) Waiter, there is a dead fly swimming in my soup!
Impossible Sir, dead flies can't swim!

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