It's a Dog's Life

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Monday, 11 October 2010

Three dogs sitting in the Vet's waiting room with their owners.

First dog to second dog: "Why you here?"
Answer: "Going to be put down."
First Dog; "Why?"
Answer; "Bosses brat kept pulling my tail so I bit her."
First Dog; "That's not fair"

First Dog to third dog; "And why you here?"
Answer "Going to be put down."
First dog; "Why?"
Answer; "I'm getting old and leaving little puddles."
First Dog; "That's not fair, we all get old."

Second dog to first dog; "Why you here?"
First dog; "Well I was having a sniff around and went upstairs to the bathroom and there was the mistress naked on her hands and knees, and I couldn't resist so I got on there .. "
Second dog; "And they're putting you down for that?"
First Dog; "Oh no, I'm here to have my claws trimmed!"

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