Douchebag Celebs Tweet About Greg Giraldo

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Friday, 1 October 2010

"M'm very mangry. Mhat a mhaste of a mhonderful mhomedic talentfff..."

Joan Rivers*

"Greg was hilarious and always so quick to the punch. The time I spent with him on my roast was a time I'll never forget. Remember, I had a Roast once. I used to be famous. Remember? REMEMBER?!?!"

Larry The Cable Guy

"F--k. Greg Giraldo died. Never saw him clean shaven. RIP."

Michael Ian... Ah, I forgot his name already.

"Very sad to hear the news about Greg Giraldo. One of the most respected comics I can think of. The world has lost a hysterical man. RIP."

Aziz Ansari. (Who are these people? Didn't anyone famous know this guy?)

"RIP Greg Giraldo. So funny. So sad. I took Alanis Morisette's virginity. I just slip that in whenever I can. Just like I slipped it in Alanis Morisette. "

Dave Coulier

"Greg Giraldo was a great and funny man."

Jimmy Kimmel

"Greg Giraldo was a good guy. The kind you're always glad to see. Also a funny comic and person. He died today. Maybe I should have said that first. He was Latino, just like me. Wait, I am ashamed of that."

Louis Cisco Kid

"I'm Jewish. RIP Greg Giraldo. Belly-laugh hilarious, prolific, good & kind. A thousand oys can't express. Oys, you know, because I'm Jewish. Just wanted to remind everyone of that."

Sarah Silverman

"Just... let me eat this hamburger... This... is a mess. F--k Dancing With... I wanna eat this hamburger."

David Hasselhoff

*See, it sounded like that because Joan Rivers' face is so tight from the facelifts, and... OK, that joke died on the vine. Moving on...

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