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Read Islamic State readies bioterror drone nicknamed The Ebola Gay 3 queen mudder 09 Oct 14 23:59 by D P Whitehead
Read University Graduates Happy University Is Over So They Can Start Fetching Coffee 1 Adrian Booth 04 Oct 14 01:58 by victor nicholas
Read Florida Man Leaves Big Tip Then Tells Everyone About It So They Think He Is Awesome 5 D P Whitehead 02 Oct 14 05:11 by Monkey Woods
Read Facebook crashes after bot attack 1 IainB 30 Sep 14 22:42 by Mark
Read "Most Remarkable and Kindest Person You Would Wish To Meet" Dies Again 1 D P Whitehead 27 Sep 14 14:00 by victor nicholas
Read NFL Mandates Owners To Develop More Accurate Team Names 3 Dan D. 27 Sep 14 02:01 by victor nicholas
Read Homeless Man Strikes Oil, Dave Cameron Provides Immediate Humanitarian Assistance 1 VWVonHagen 21 Sep 14 21:25 by queen mudder
Read Joan Rivers and the Nodule of Hate 1 miserablematilda 31 Aug 14 19:41 by D P Whitehead
Read Hillary Clinton Caught Panhandling 3 Hydrogen Balloon 07 Aug 14 20:26 by Frank Michaels
Read A Dyslexic Pope bans Satin 4 IainB 02 Aug 14 18:48 by IainB
Read Virgin Mary Statue Smokes Marijuana 4 Hydrogen Balloon 28 Jul 14 18:40 by D P Whitehead
Read Extend Your Shitty, Meaningless Existence With the Nutrirocket Food Extractor! 1 Vondrook 27 Jul 14 20:43 by victor nicholas
Read Grief, Sadness and Then Anger At Tragic Loss of Live Overwhelms Social Media 1 D P Whitehead 20 Jul 14 17:27 by Skoob1999
Read Global Warming -or- How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the End of Civilization 1 Frank Michaels 18 Jul 14 19:39 by Frank Michaels
Read For First Time, Hard Drive Crashes Surpasses Car Crashes in Washington DC 2 E. Williams 16 Jul 14 04:43 by E. Williams
Read J. P. Sartre Warns of "Existential Threat" to the English Language 5 Matt Birkenhauer 11 Jul 14 20:36 by Jaggedone
Read Blair Appointed To Find Missing Dossier 1 j.w. 03 Jul 14 21:13 by queen mudder
Read President Obama Admits to Getting Payday Loans 1 Moose 24 Jun 14 20:13 by queen mudder
Read Isle of Wight News - The Island is shrinking! 3 IainB 18 Jun 14 22:59 by victor nicholas
Read Man's Hangover 100 Times More Painful Than Wife Giving Birth 5 D P Whitehead 12 Jun 14 18:09 by D P Whitehead
Read Jesus Christ Will Not Heal Anyone With A pre-Existing Condition - God 2 D P Whitehead 09 Jun 14 15:26 by D P Whitehead
Read Dolphins call each other dirty names 1 Lyndon 06 Jun 14 21:42 by queen mudder
Read Man's Huge Shit Blocks Toilet During Girlfriend's Visit To Condo 11 Monkey Woods 06 Jun 14 02:59 by victor nicholas
Read Politics is going online 2 IainB 26 May 14 19:49 by IainB
Read An issue of trust. And toilets. 3 Shortty 24 May 14 21:43 by victor nicholas

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