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Read Forgotten Yogurt Mourned 1 D P Whitehead 17 Apr 14 02:27 by Monkey Woods
Read Boyfriend's Ponytail Annoys Daughter's Father 1 D P Whitehead 16 Apr 14 06:23 by Monkey Woods
Read US to Trade Leadership with Britain 3 Frank Michaels 15 Apr 14 20:00 by Frank Michaels
Read Archie Andrews Soon to Die. Jughead, Betty and Veronica Mourn 1 Frank Michaels 11 Apr 14 08:23 by Frank Michaels
Read Two University Students Engage in Complaint-Free Conversation 3 Paula Tsvayg 09 Apr 14 18:18 by Jaggedone
Read Man Rushing To Complete Spoof News Article While Waiting For Flight Misses Boarding And Is Now Stranded In Houston, Texas 4 D P Whitehead 22 Mar 14 03:58 by Ellie James
Read Spoof Writer Bureau Back After Latest Incident 1 Bureau 14 Mar 14 16:49 by Mark
Read Hop on Pot - Not by Dr. Seuss 1 Frank Michaels 09 Mar 14 18:44 by Frank Michaels
Read Obama's sanctions on badass Russians could see Roman Abramovich's yachts impounded 1 queen mudder 07 Mar 14 18:04 by D P Whitehead
Read The End of Physical Borders; The Beginning of Virtual Ones 1 Frank Michaels 02 Mar 14 20:46 by Frank Michaels
Read Giant Spider Found Living In Sochi Stadium 1 Patrick Parkinson 01 Mar 14 17:54 by queen mudder
Read English Soccer Player Admits He Is Straight 3 D P Whitehead 01 Mar 14 01:40 by Monkey Woods
Read Nobody Shows Up For Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction 1 Al N. 27 Feb 14 22:46 by queen mudder
Read Local Bachelor Prefers Drinking Milk of Froot Loops Over Milk of Coco Puffs 12 Sheepface 23 Feb 14 07:14 by Monkey Woods
Read Man Sues Porn Industry for making Sex Boring 1 Benjamin Cain 23 Feb 14 05:02 by Jill The Shill
Read High School Student Tells Classmates He's "No Homo" in PE Shower, and That He's Simply an "Admirer of Strong Penises" 2 Sheepface 22 Jan 14 07:44 by Monkey Woods
Read Walt Disney Thawed to Serve Jury Duty on Will Smith Spree Killing Case 4 Sheepface 21 Jan 14 17:10 by Jaggedone
Read Vatican's In Utero Baptism Initiative "Perfect Way to Get 'em While They're Young" 1 Sheepface 21 Jan 14 11:06 by Sheepface
Read Man pops empty potato chip packet in Dallas cinema, 50 people wounded 1 Auntie Jean 15 Jan 14 09:56 by Monkey Woods
Read Contents Of Lost Briefcase Reveal Who Rules America 1 Keith Shirey 25 Dec 13 20:07 by rfreed
Read Why do we wear paper hats at Christmas? 5 CaptainSausage 23 Dec 13 18:39 by Jaggedone
Read 'Fake' Mandela memorial interpreter fully booked for funerals including Pope Benedict, George Bush Sr and Queen Elizabeth: reports 1 queen mudder 17 Dec 13 18:42 by John Peurach
Read New L Ron Hubbard temple gives credence to Clearwater Scientology revival 3 queen mudder 09 Dec 13 09:54 by Jaggedone
Read Cryhan Air build the world's biggest plane 5 IainB 06 Dec 13 01:10 by Ellie James
Read L. Ron Hubbard Returns, Threatens to Release Xenu Unless Paid 1 Trillion Dollars 1 Al N. 03 Dec 13 22:43 by Al N.

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